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Guido von List: Part 23 - "The Cult Of Saturn"

Video from YouTube channel SkyRifter

This is possibly the most thought provoking video that I have ever seen on YouTube. I say that even though I disagree with a few associations and interpretations that he made. However, I highly recommend it. It represents possibly the greatest mystery in the history of humanity. On south pole of Saturn exists a massive continuous storm in the form of vortex which retains its "eye of the storm" shape (seen here). When photographed by Voyager in the early 1980s, it eerily appears in the shape and dimensions of a human eye. Voyager also photographed Saturn's north pole, and there exists a surface feature in the shape of a perfect six-pointed hexagram. Within that hexagram shape is a close-to-perfect five-pointed vehme star (both seen here).

To the ancient Sumerians and Akkadians, symbols which clearly pertain to the features of Saturn were used and explicitly associated to Saturn. Chiefly the "Star of David," which was only adopted by Judaism about one thousand years ago. Also, often, this six-pointed star was featured along with the five-pointed pentagram (vehme); and it is a symbol geometrically associated with the hexagram (in the middle of it). In addition, there are many geometric elements to all of this which mathmatically equate to "triple six." I don't want to write it, because I associate it with marginal bad luck. Now how could the Sumerians and others in the ancient world have possibly known about these surface features of Saturn? The "Star of David," the eye, the pentagram, and all the triangle shapes which are featured together and explicitly associated with Saturn... how? Is this proof of extraterrestrial contact?

The hexagram also is a shape which geometrically is associated with a three-dimensional cube or box shape as seen here. Now the north pole of Saturn--just like the south pole--is continuously circling. Not circling merely due to the planet spinning, but due to the weather as it is a mostly gas planet. This "gas storm" is continuously revolving counter-clockwise in and around the hexagram "cube." This will be very difficult to believe, but if you watch this following video here, you will see in Mecca, Muslim pilgrims circling the "black box" counter-clockwise as it is suggested to them to circle the box seven times. We all have our own way to calculate the odds of something, and of ALL of this being merely coincidence. I say the odds are too long on coincidence here. What do you think? Here is the second part of that video.

Other symbols which tie in to hexagram geometry are the two main "hex signs," which are the flower of life ("rosette"; "sun of the Alps") and "the inverted Star of David." It should be stated that both the Star of David and the pentagram are Sumerian symbols. Also in Islam, the pentagram is used; and even the "Star of David," although they don't use that name. Also, the Norse Life Rune has a clear geometric tie-in to the hexagram. Lastly, the symbolism of the ring of Saturn and the "Saturnian rays" which were photographed by Voyager from a side angle.

Saturn symbology:
Ring of Saturn (circle)
The eye (south pole)
The hexagram (north pole)
The Vehme star (north pole)
"Star of David" (geometric hexagram association)
Inverted "Star of David"
Sun of the Alps (geometric hexagram association; European in origin)
The cube or black square (Islamic, Masonic)
The Life Rune (Norse; geometric hexagram association)

Even if you don't want to sit through the entire hour, at least take a look from about 28 to 32.30 minutes.

The Listian connection

From 'Secret of the Runes', pages 86 and 87:

The five-angled star, the Vehme star, the Truthenfuss (truth = turn, fuss = foot) is the hieroglyph of "revolving or turning generation," of "rebirth"--one of the most important articles of faith in the Aryan religion. In its exoteric interpretation this sign simply says "return"....

"The five-angled star" ...... "revolving or turning generation" ...... now combine this concept with the Muslims "revolving or turning" around the black box ...... literally the Saturnian Vehme, which in this case was via the earlier Sumerians and other civilizations. It should be pointed out that although on the surface, we're comparing Germanic to Semitic, the conceptual stem from the ancient world was probably a comparison of Alpine European and true-Mediterranean.

Also.... In its exoteric interpretation this sign simply says "return"..... were the Voyager and the Cassini-Huygens Missions to Saturn "returning?" Returning to the Vehme sign. Perhaps I'm reaching, but there is literally a clear Vehme star on the north pole of Saturn which is in the direct center of an ever "revolving or turning generation" of storm gases. I would normally say impossible, except for ALL of the other connections! Guido von List would not have known this as he was merely interpreting his archeological, scientific, mathmatical, geometrical, and mystic findings.

The ancient Alpines may have had some of this "forbidden knowledge." In Bulgaria today--even though it is almost entirely ignored by the mainstream media--there is an archeological dig which appears to be fifteen or twenty thousand year old pyramids buried underneath large hills of earth. That would make this civilization much older than the Sumerians! Now List was only thinking of the ancient Teutonic connections, as in his time there wasn't the evidential connection to the earlier Celts and Alpines. Certainly not the Celts, so he could only assume that it was Teutonic via the clear Odinic tie-ins to the ancient Heathenry of the Transalpine region.
On the other hand, regarding Saturn, there is a clear tie-in to the Nordic Life Rune as you can see here. Ultimately though, it is from the Sumerian connections that we see the more shocking connections to Saturn. How could they have possibly known about the surface features of Saturn? Saturn, at best, would have appeared as just a star to them. The Sumerians do have a written history which points to visitors from another world, as you may already know. That has been attributed to mere mythology. The Sumerians did, however, know the positions of all of the planets in our solar system. That cannot simply be dismissed either.

While I'm on this subject.... we're going to find out in a few days if anything will happen on that most interesting date of December 21, 2012. So many cultures have pointed to that date. I'm not especially worried about it, as there is so much evil on this planet now. I'm not even suggesting one thing, but it's a lot deeper than that. We actually may need a positive "intervention" on this planet, and one that is not from our self-serving global mis-leaders.


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