Sunday, December 23, 2012

Northern Italy Genealogy Discussion List (Yahoo group) is closing

Regina, the founder of the "Northern Italy Genealogy Discussion List," is closing the group; apparently due to it slowing down quite a bit this year. It was particularly popular between mid-2000 through 2007. There were 1,694 members prior to her closing down. Actually it's open for members to search it until it actually is deleted.

I think Regina is from San Francisco. Anyway, it's sad to see it go. There were members from all over the world. The membership was always very tactful, which is rarely the case in forums or discussion groups now. I sent e-mails and direct messages to a few members, including the following, to try to interest them in networking in the future. The searchable membership lists are closed. It's a shame.

The following is the last post in October:


ItalyNW Yahoo! Group is now closed

The ItalyNW Yahoo! Group has reached the end of its useful life. It provided a welcoming forum to genealogy researchers for twelve years, but current Group activity indicates that the Group is no longer needed.

The ItalyNW Yahoo! Group is now closed to new members and to new posts. Message archives will still be available to current members for a few months.



The following are several old posts regarding the Val Camonica:


Hallo there,

The "Val Camonica" or "Valle Camonica" is the biggest of the three valleys which comprise the Alpine portion of the Province of Brescia, in the Region of Lombardy. The river that follows the whole valley is the river Oglio: where the valley closes this river forms the Lake of Iseo, which the Romans in antiquity called Lake Sebino. The area around the Lake is still called the Sebino area. The Val Camonica has been part of the territory of Brescia since the 15th century, but it is now trying to became a province in its own right, with Breno as its capital city. I know the area very well (I am a native Bresciano), as I worked there for several years, before moving to Canada. It is a very beautiful corner of Lombardy, with a rich History and a very active community, proud of its identity. Hope this helps.

Vigilio Salvoni


i'm happy to read about mu edolo,in valle camonica,provincia brescia and regione lombardia also my parents came from edolo work in lorraine france , siderurgy 1952 for my father and 1953 form my mother with tree children in may and i came sept 53!!!!

I go to edolo many holidays during l long time of years
I know very well edolo and mu..... i will send to you fotos and others informations I understand your grand father during the war because when i was young talk too many italie was a "few"

to days many people assert his italianity memory

I "make" ma tree genealogy




My great grandfather left Mu, near Edolo, Lombardia in 1900 for Australia. He never returned and our family has known very little about Mu as he could not talk to his children about Italy when they were young as he was regarded as an alien in Australia during the First World War. He had to prove he was loyal to Australia and so his children learned no Italian. I was interested to join this group to learn more about life in the mountains north of Brescia.

Jan Smith


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