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Tana's Day 2017: May Day, Beltane, Flower Moon, Mother's Day 2

Tana's Day - "La Giornata di Tana" - is the Stregheria equivalent of Beltane and May Day... all on May 1st. There's almost like two spring festivals: April 1 and May 1. The Full Flower Moon occurs on the evening of Wednesday, May 10. Mother's Day is on the following Sunday. I believe that being out in a special place to welcome the full moon is part of our ancestral memory. When you're out there within a Pagan frame of mind, it reawakens that part of you. Sometimes it's so perfect that I want to stay out there all night.

Who were the first Europeans?

Survive the Jive

Sitting in the beautiful Verdon Gorge in Southern France, I muse on the first European peoples that inhabited that region. I consider the cave art of Lascaux, Pech Merle, Niaux, Chauvet, Cougnac etc. The animals depicted there must have been sacred to our ancestors, whether Homo Sapien or Neanderthal, who depended on their meat to survive.

I include some nice shots of Wisent (European Bison), Griffon vultures and Alpine Ibex, which are all animals our European ancestors were familiar with. I also explain the genetic origin of European people including the Yamnaya, the hunter-gatherers and the early Neolithic farmers from the Near East.

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Music: GRIMRIK - Vorsichtige Schritte.

'There May Be an Ancient Earth Inside Earth, Say Harvard Scientists'

Andrei Burke - - June 13, 2014

A team of Harvard scientists believe the remnants of an ancient Earth that date to the time another planet collided with ours to produce the moon may still be lodged deep within the Earth’s mantle

If you thought it was a trip to see the Earth from space, then wait until you get a load of this: A team of scientists from Harvard University believe that have found evidence that an ancient Earth exists inside our planet. The team believes that a previously unexplained isotopic ratio from deep within the Earth might be a signal from material from before our world collided with another planet-sized body, which led to the creation of the Moon. This might be an echo of an ancient Earth that existed 4.5 billion years ago, prior to the proposed collision.


motorcycle jumps grand canyon ROBBIE KNIEVEL! awesome


live jump plus replays of different camera angles. brass balls included.Eddie Haynes supplied the folowling info. thanks eddie .A lot of you are complaining that he took a bit of a tumble at the end. The number one reason was on that side of the canyon was still part of a American Indian Tribe and it took a lot of dealing with the Chief of the tribe to not disturb the natural land.To keep it as natural as possible was the only way they give Robbie Knievel to make the jump there.It was planned for him to ditch the motorcycle after he cleared the landing.He kinda messed up when he cleared the ramp and hitting the small bump but he still was able to nail the jump and land. A complete success of dumping the bike and making a clean jump.I know that a lot of you are complaining about the tumble but it was planned.I think it took him a little over two years before the Indian Chief said yes but the land had to remain almost as it was before the jump


Robbie Knievel Jockey Club Towers Las Vegas Jump

"Corpsewood Manor"

This home and property is located in rural Summerville, Georgia; deep in the woods. Apparently it was designed, constructed, and utilized by Satanists in 1977. The two owners were brutally murdered there in 1982; and it was eventually burned down by vandals/arsonists. The ruins are still there. There are quite a few documentaries and commentary about its history on YouTube.


Corpsewood Manor (Summervillle, Georgia)

Crumbling ruins mark the site of a couple's grisly murder in the woods.

Surrounded by the Chattahoochee National Forest is the former site of a brick mansion, now lying in partial ruin. Hand-built in 1977 by Dr. Charles L. Scudder, a retired professor at Loyola University in Chicago, and his partner Joseph “Joey” Odom, the mansion served as the couple’s dream home until their deaths.

In December of 1982, the pair were gruesomely murdered, along with their two bull mastiffs, as a result of an attempted robbery by two acquaintances, Avery Brock and Tony West. During the ensuing investigation and trial – fueled partially by a local media circus – a mythos evolved in which the victims were vilified as “evil devil worshippers,” drawing from Dr. Scudder’s interest in the occult and the pair’s open homosexuality. Despite having been very well-liked in the community by those who knew them, the horrendous mythos continues to this day, and many locals still refer to the area as, “Devil Worshippers’ Mountain,” and claim that taking a brick from the property will lead to being cursed for life.

con't w/images...

Buttercup by Sinboy


Elysa Grey, vocals, programming -- Karen Kreutzer, guitar -- the late Rana Ross, bass guitar. Three piece tecnho-power trio.

Who was/is R.C. Christian?

I didn't want to delve into the Georgia Guidestones here, as I don't usually find the occult religion of the global elite especially interesting.... more like the symbol of oppression. This monument is not part of the U.S. park system. It's apparently still a mystery as to who actually owns and maintains it. It is apparent that the person who contracted its construction--Robert C. Christian, "R.C. Christian" was actually Ted Turner... although he may have had an agent complete the transaction.

Chasing The Wolverine - Most Extraordinary Predator That Ever Lived [HD]

AM Channel

Wolverine is the largest land-dwelling species of the family Mustelidae (weasels). It is a stocky and muscular carnivore, more closely resembling a small bear than other mustelids. The wolverine, a solitary animal,[1] has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size, with the documented ability to kill prey many times larger than itself.

Old surnames of pagan origin

I mentioned here once the origin of 'Breaking Bad' and 'Better Call Saul' star Bob Odinkirk. Odinkirk means "Odin's Church." Another one is the current quarterback for the Northwestern football team... Clayton Thorson... "Son of Thor." One translation of Odin is "Master of the Order"... and the word for "order" in the old Camunian dialect of the Lombard language is "urden." Is Urden.. Odin? The ancient Langobards called him Godan. This also would seem to be an area ripe with creative ideas for an individual to form a magickal name.


“How can a man die better,   
than facing fearful odds,
for the ashes of his fathers,
and the temples of his Gods.”
-- Jack Harper, 'Oblivion'


The origin of the word "NEWS" is "North, East, West, and South."

All You Need is Love - The Beatles Tribute

Oromero89 Rock and Roll

"A Day in the Life", the band of musician friends who meet annually to commemorate the Beatles, he returned to the stage of the Teatro Peruano Japonés to remember John Lennon, 35 years after his physical disappearance.


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