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The Arctic Home in the Vedas: Part 19 - "Sun vs. Saturn"

In the very ancient world, largely in the Middle East, there were two major competing religious cults. This would have been from about 15,000 years ago to the time of the Sumerian civilization (today Iraq), and up to the time of the Aryan civilization (today Iran). Prior to about 15,000 years ago, there were literally two stars in our sky: The Sun and Saturn. Saturn was apparently the closer and brighter of the two, and lit up the northern sky, and the Earth's North Pole was not only habitable, but light twenty-four hours a day during the "Golden Age." I suspect that Saturn, which is today a dwarf star, was only brighter from the perspective of northern peoples; and was probably a bit hazy.

As discussed before, both the six-pointed Hexagram (today, the "Star of David) and the Pentagram (today used as the symbol of Wicca and other similar groups) were symbols representing Saturn then. Both symbols were Sumerian, and both are literally found on Saturn itself! How that could be is one of the great questions of human existence, and speculating would take away from the facts here. The "Talisman of Saturn" and other similar coin-like artifacts feature the Pentagram on one side and the six-pointed Hexagram on the other. The Aryan civilization was a "Sun cult," and used symbols of the Sun.. such as Swastikas and the Black Sun. The National Socialists were aware of this, and adopted some of this symbolism. As stated many times here, the real "Aryans" were a mix of true-Mediterranean and pure Teutonic; which would make them Indo-European, but not Germanic, Indian, Iranian, etc. This is about ancient cults, not necessarily racial or ethnic types.

There were sixteen Sun-cults in that general region over thousands of years that we know of, all with the same astrotheological/mythological theme. The ancient Egyptian religion was number fifteen, with the god Horace representing the Sun; and number sixteen was Christianity, with Jesus ("the Son"; "the light of the world") allegorically representing the Sun.

Judaism actually began as an ancient Hebrew Saturn-cult, and the six-pointed Hexagram wasn't chosen as its symbol a millennium ago by accident. There are some very negative things written in the Talmud regarding Jesus, but that didn't have anything to do with any man. It was common lashing out against a rival Sun-cult. The Christian Sun-cult lashed back with a depiction of "Satan," which was just another name for "Saturn." Most Christians and Jews today know nothing about this. It wasn't Christians vs. Jews, it was Sun-cult vs. Saturn cult. Naturally Satanism is a Saturn-cult, and Satanic groups use an inverted Pentagram.

Islam developed later, and clearly originated as a Saturn-cult. The Islamic black cube is a Saturnian-Hexagram, and the six-pointed Hexagram as-well-as the Pentagram are used. The Islamic state of Morocco features a Pentagram on its national flag. There are even Mosques with the "Star of David" featured on the outside front. When looking at all of these institutions, and how they've interacted over history, you can get a glimpse of the Sun-cult vs. Saturn-cult phenomenon. Saturday and Sunday? Yes, they mean "Saturn's Day" and "Sun's Day."

The pre-Roman Italian peninsula was known as "Saturnia." Not surprisingly, one of the main Roman festivals was "Saturnalia," which was three days to honor the deity Saturn from Roman mythology. Part of the celebration was a human sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn. Wikipedia: "In Roman mythology, Saturn was an agricultural deity who was said to have reigned over the world in the Golden Age...." Bingo! That's it. The ancient legends, such as that of "Hyperborea," were based on reality. See and 'Symbols of an Alien Sky' for the scientific proof. The Roman Catholic Church has maintained its Saturnian roots; while Protestants broke away as Sun-cults.

The old saying "old legends die hard" couldn't be more applicable than with the Sun vs. Saturn rivalry. These ancient cults and mystery schools are so ingrained in the world that they refuse to bury the hatchet! The "cult of Saturn" wishes to return to the "Golden Age," which sounds more like an excuse to take over. We're just expected to go along with all of this nonsense. The dramatic role of Saturn in human history has been kept a secret for a long time. The Sun-cults apparently want to make the Book of Revelation come true; while the Saturn-cults apparently want to make the Golden Age come true. How do we know that this isn't all a role-playing charade, with all the main players just play-acting their parts?

Saturn vs the Sun, Black Cube and the Saturnian Cult – Santos Bonnaci

Zen Gardner - - August 1, 2013

Here’s some terrific information you won’t come across as well strung together and condensed as this. The remarkable Santos Bonacci has many youtube clips to enjoy and learn from. That he can reel off such in depth, perceptive and detailed information is a real testament to the power of researching with a passion for Truth in full-on conscious awareness. It’s there for the having, and people like this give us all a head start in the many amazing fields of knowledge we need to become familiar with in order to better understand and heal the world we’re living in. – Zen



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