Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Moon-mountain portal" - Metaspiritual science in action

You don't need any special training or attain a certain degree to make a strong ancestral connection, as I will explain here. Recently I wrote about my failure to make a connection during the new moon a couple of weeks back. I not only failed, but felt a strong depression and sadness, although I'm not very prone to these feelings for no reason. Some people can work with new moons, but with no sun-moon interactive energy to connect to, I was totally lost. Last night it was very foggy and overcast in the northern Santa Cruz mountain chain, so again I failed to make any connection. I thought that by the supermoon merely being in the sky that it would work, but clearly the heavy fog cut the connection off.


To the best of my knowledge, to make a a metaspiritual/ancestral connection, the following should work:

1) Folk-spirit: A genuine interest in or already being on a folk-spirit journey. It doesn't require a definite decision or commitment to any particular "path."

2) Planning: Plan on being alone and unhurried at least during the point of connection. If there are others, perhaps each person could take a turn. I don't really want to promote alcohol, but a little wine or mead may be helpful for relaxation and focus.

3) Place: It should be during a full moon, at or close to the base of a mountain, during a clear night, without too much wind, and without loud distracting noises. It really doesn't have to be a full moon, but the fuller the better. It doesn't have to be an entirely clear night, but the moon and peak should be visible most of the time. The mountain should be over one thousand feet, and the taller the better. Midnight is good, but an early evening is fine too. If you're alone, and the best spots are too dark or remote, you may choose a more well lighted spot a little further away.

4) Connection: There isn't a need for any special ritual. You can bring a stone or crystal to help you connect. You may want to walk slowly, gaze upon the bright moon, gaze upon the black peak of the mountain, feel the warmth or coldness of the environment, and try to forget about the problems and pressures of your life. Hopefully, with the sun-moon radiance upon you, you will soon feel a sense of timelessness. All places and times will feel together as one.

Think about your favorite direct ancestor. Not necessarily the greatest one, but the one you may feel an energetic link with. Try to picture and imagine them during their life. Don't think that you are in one place and time. You are spirit, you are part of many places and times. The sun-moon energy (Alfather and Almother) will draw the curtain of timelessness, the mountain will be your spiritual antennae to the other dimension, and you are the catalyst. You don't need to ask for permission... you already belong! You are not alone in the abyss of the Ur, and you don't need to be afraid of it.

Even if you've never met them, even if they never lived in the land that you occupy, no matter how many generations have passed, no matter how much time has passed, even if nobody even thinks about them anymore, they're a spiritual mother or father to you. Don't be afraid to whisper a few words now and then. During this drawing of the curtain of timelessness, they know that you're connecting to them. Even if they've come back to the earth, their higher self is conscious of you. Hopefully you will feel a very positive energetic bond with them.

Just this morning on an episode of 'Ancient Aliens', I heard David Wilcock say regarding our "third eye" (pineal gland) that "we already have a built-in stargate."


With all of the above conditions, there is a good chance of making a connection. However, you cannot "will it to happen." It will happen when it's ready to happen. If I had gone the evening before, when the conditions were clear, I may have had a different result. If it doesn't happen, don't give up. I don't believe that we're even meant to make these powerful psychic-spiritual connections very often. If you do reach that "place," then you may want to stay there for awhile because you don't know when you might get it back next.

It reminds me of the movie 'Frequency' (2000) with Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel, which is a great science fiction movie with a similar type of theme. It also reminds me of the frequent line from the book and movie 'The Mothman Prophesies' when the apparent spirit being would depart back into the abyss: "I will see you in time." This whole endeavor isn't about being a slave to a higher deity, but being in fellowship with our folk-spirits. While becoming, we discover, we already are.


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