Friday, August 22, 2014

"Moon-mountain portal" - Metaspiritual science in action II

I had mentioned in part one that weather conditions can block off the psychic-spiritual connection. Naturally it would be great if we could always enjoy the true "full Moon," but for many that's not always possible. While in some places, people can virtually always count on warm clear evenings during the summer and fall; here along the coast we're hit with fog in the afternoon, and it doesn't always clear out. Generally the weather is unpredictable.

I think that most people, while enjoying great weather, tend to subconsciously feel that it's just going to continue. However, at least here, it can change in one day. It can be absolutely perfect one day/evening, and it could be fogged in the next day. Usually it's more like in weekly patterns. Outside of traveling a certain distance to an always-good-weather spot, which is always great, those of us who live in unpredictable weather need to develop a strategy for the Moon cycles.

What I'm really getting at is that time is too precious to go through the trouble of planning and setting aside an evening for a full Moon... only to have the weather spoil the mood and connection that you were hoping for. Again, at least where I am, one evening could be as perfect as perfect can be... and the next night could be fogged in and sort've depressing. However, chiefly because you cannot make the psychic-spiritual connection that you want. I mean I could hike and enjoy just about any weather outside of heavy rain.

The only answer, for those of us living within an unpredictable weather area, is to look at the forecast leading up to the full Moon. Choose a good day within three days prior or following a full Moon evening, hopefully even the exact day. Also, it could allow a person or group to hand select a good day of the week. For evenings, I love Wednesday through Friday especially. Saturday you may have had something planned and it's hard to adjust or if you're visiting somewhere, Sunday evenings usually aren't good, and Monday/Tusesday are too early in the week.

I would also like to add that with quickly moving clouds at night, if they are strongly interacting with the Moon, they may actually enhance the energy. Sometimes as the clouds move over the Moon, it looks like sparks. There is a certain energetic interaction that I have found to work. I just didn't want to leave the impression that clouds are somehow a negative.


I think many who would criticize Stephen McNallen or Metagenetics, do so from a cowardly point of view. However, for an individual, it could be too large of a concept to start with. I think it's fine as a scientific study, but people need things they can personally and closely relate with. Why not make a Metaphysical connection to a favorite ancestor to start with? You're their direct DNA descendant. Perhaps later then, one could more closely tie in the larger concept in stages.

To always put up some type of loud "racial banner" just seems to distract the individual from locating her or his place within this Metaphysical environment. In other words, a Shintoist doesn't wave a Japanese war flag. They make connection with their direct ancestors. I believe that larger collective identities should be secondary, at least within this folk-spirit tie-in. An individual cannot truly ever be certain whether or not Diana, Freya, or Inanna is their direct ancestor I don't think. However, an individual can be certain that their great-great-grandmother is indeed their direct ancestor.


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