Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Annual "Carnival of Bagolino" in Val Sabbia - Part 2

Il Carnevale di Bagolino 

Translated from the video description:

The Carnival of Bagolino is a rare and precious survival of local folklore. The carnival has existed in this village from 1500 due to the isolated location and the passion of its people who handed it down from generation to generation. It gained growing notoriety, attracting the attention of scholars of ethnology. The Festival is divided into two distinct events, animated by elegant figures of Balarì (dancers and musicians) and the grotesque figures of Maschér (masks). 

This video is a documentary, and it shows more of the beauty of the village location in the Sabbia Valley. There are numerous other videos of the carnival. The festival seems to be a blend of both folk pagan and Christian elements. It seems appears to be disciplined as far as the symbolism it seeks to convey; as opposed to more urban festivals where people go out of their way to be bizarre... and perhaps miss the point. Part of the origin goes back to ancient fertility rites, and with this carnival occurring at the at the end of Winter.


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