Saturday, July 19, 2014

A folk-spirit journey will lead back to the self

"While becoming, we discover, we already are."

This quote is from YouTube user and Heathen Widdershins, left on the applicable video 'Northern Ethics' from Northern Runes Radio. It's not about "ego," but about the folk journey of the self and the connection leading back to you and what is already inside of you. "Ancestral memory," "inherent values," and "making connections to the ancestors." You may discover one favorite ancestor in particular. It could be a person who nobody thinks about anymore. Even if they're a great or great-great grandmother or grandfather... are they not still "your Mother" or "your Father?" Perhaps before one jumps into communing with the goddesses and gods, metaphysics, etc.; one should first commune in this manner. Anyway, the above is a great quote... striking right to the point.


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