Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Remembering Evelyn Paglini - Part III

I had been meaning to post this in some form, and one posting from Asatru Update sort've provided me with a basis for it.

Horg in the Himalayas

If you go to the AFA's Facebook page (image here)  you will find a picture of a makeshift horg, or altar, I erected to Thor.  If you look closely you can see my Thor's hammer necklace draped across the rocks.  There is nothing unusual in that; many of you have done the same.  What may be unusual is the location  -  a high Himalayan pass near the border between northern India and occupied Tibet.

See above link if you wish to read the whole story. Ironically, there is a strong historical and spiritual link with that region, covered here on The Arctic Home in the Vedas: Part 18 - "Arkaim"

On the evening of Sunday, April 6, we took a night trek into some trails at the
base of our mountain here. Beforehand, I printed a small photo of Dr. Paglini and placed it inside of a clear plastic baseball card holder and put it into my pocket along with a little candle, matches, and a small red solar cross which I had made. This symbol was one of her favorite symbols.

I had something of an idea for a temporary shrine. At one point making our way through a trail with tall, thin, but full trees... we finally reached our destination. It was a clearing surrounded by heavy brush, but with a good view of the mountain. It was a bit chilly, but clear, and with a half moon providing a bit of light. It was an active night astronomically, with Saturn rising... and we were just far enough away from the nearby urban lights to see some of it.

I placed the card down at the base of a lone standing tree with white bark. I placed the candle down in front of it, the red cross to the left of it, and a flowery tip which I had picked off of a nearby bush... and lit the candle. The shrine would only stand for just a little over an hour, but it resonated with positive energy I think. It was a perfect night in it's own way.



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The following was one of Evelyn Paglini's final postings on facebook from February 17...

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's weekend and was able to spend it with their loved ones.

Family, friends and loved ones always hold a warm spot in our hearts.

Cherish those special ones you have in your life and make memories that will last a life time.

Have a splendid week

Sending my love and positive energy...

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