Thursday, June 5, 2014

A ritual hammer for our age

Asatru Folk Assembly

Bodi Mayo is finally offering his astounding ritual hammers for sale, just in time for yule. Bodi has donated these at our event auctions in the past and they always create a buzz. This is a true ritual hammer, not just a store bought hammer repurposed for ritual use. Each hammer is made from scratch, then shaped and welded using solid steel throughout. These are intended to be heirloom pieces, passed down for generations.

Contact Bodi today at for more information.

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I am not an Odinist/Asatruar, but I thought that this was something that transcended "being an Odinist." This appears to be an finely crafted, American, hand-made item... made by an Asatruar in fact. An item related to honor and the folk spirit. I have an all-stainless steel hammer tool that belonged to my great uncle which I keep in plain view every day. It was made in the USA when items like this were made to practically last forever. To me, it's a proactive symbol of evolutionary struggle.


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