Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 14 - The Maternal Spirit

Role of the Maternal Spirit

I believe that the tv program 'A Haunting'--which was brought back in 2012--is the best program regarding ghosts and metaphysics since they became popular about ten years ago. If you are interested in the subject, but don't have the time to mark and watch tv programs... and you wanted to purchase one, then this would be the one. It's done in the narrative/documentary style, not the investigative style. Recently I purchased season five (2012), and found it to be of similar quality to the original; and also with a diverse array of cases to learn from. I'm constantly processing new information to match with what I already know as I view them.

One episode during season five was entitled 'Dark Dreams'. One part of that episode tied in with a number of subjects covered here. As a family in Michigan was sealing off their property from negative entities, their "spiritual healer" described what they were doing... "And so what we're going to do is create a perimeter here where we're going to want the negative energies to stay over here and the positive energies on that side."

The narrator added... "They use a water-based solution; different salts, sands, and herbs."

The spiritual healer continued... "What we are creating is an energetic wall that those negative energies cannot cross back in."

Spiritual healer to the mother of the home... "You're the nurturer. You're going to be the one to protect this house."

The spiritual healer then added... "Anyone can do the sealing of the property, but it's best given to the mother. This comes from the tradition and the understanding that it is women who create and hold space."

I believe that the Fabian-symbiosis of Monopoly Corporatism, Abrahamic religion, Capito-Feminism, Social Science, Cultural Marxism, the rapidly-growing Atheist movement--and even some aspects of the New Age Movement--have formed a wall to the path of the ancient spiritual role of Maternal Leadership within communities.

Nature is harsh, and could care less about self-interest movements who will all be vanished to forgotten dust in a historical blip of time. The rules of nature have always, and will always, apply to us; and denying them is like jumping off of a cliff and then denying the law of gravity as you're falling.


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