Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Steve McNallen on Red Ice Radio

Only the first hour is available for non-members, but much is covered. One concept covered is that the Vikings--whose Odinic expression seems to be the source of most of our knowledge of the spiritual tradition--were a very sophisticated trading society, not strictly "barbarians." Also, the idea that a particular people's mythology is their very own "collective spiritual dream." Many of the attacks on Christian centers were actually in retaliation for the hostile, aggressive social, political, and economic policies used by the Christian missionaries. Lastly, that the name "Odin" was actually more of a title meaning "master of the order." The various European words for "order" sort've sound like "Odin," such as "ordine" in Italian. The word for "order" in the Camunian dialect (of the Lombard language) is "urdèn"...... Urdèn! Coincidence?


From the video description:

Stephen A. McNallen is a prominent religious leader of the native European path called Asatru. McNallen established the first legally recognized Asatru organization in the U.S. in 1972 and quickly became a prolific writer and speaker on the subject on Germanic Paganism, which broadly includes the ancient tribes of Northern Europe. He believes that spiritual fulfillment is best achieved by following the ways of one's ancestors. This ancestral approach to Asatru has put him at odds with many who insist on a universalist worldview. He's also a proponent of "upward evolution" for the individual and the group, encouraging others to incorporate daily spiritual practice in their lives.

The Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA), is the most active and successful national group in the U.S., holding major gatherings on both coasts each year plus dozens of regional events around the country. The AFA is international in scope with members in the UK, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Spain, South America, and Australia. In the first hour, we'll discuss Christianity's invasion of Europe and Viking rage caused by missionaries. We talk about the misconceptions and vicious stereotyping of the Vikings, who were sophisticated people. Stephen discusses the belief system of Asatro, an expression of the native, pre-Christian spirituality of Europe.

He speaks about Europe's loss of soul, caused by the disconnection with Indo-European ancestors, and the importance to reawaken that ancestral wisdom. In the second hour, we speak about the Vatican's hold of Europe and what might occur if Europeans do not integrate their ancient native religion into this century. We'll also hear about runestones and more spiritual concepts found in Norse mythology. Later, we talk about the slaughter of Norse people, suppressed European mythology and the re-emergence of the ways of old that existed for thousands of years in Europe before the invasion of Christianity.


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