Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sandro Viletta wins gold in Alpine skiing

Sandro Viletta 28 won the Alpine Skiing Men's Super Combined Slalom on Friday. He seemingly is of Lombard-Swiss ancestry as he is apparently from the native ethnic-Valtelline region of Graubünden. He's actually from a Romansh village. Christof Innerhofer 29 of Italy (South Tyrol) won the bronze.

Nadia Fanchini from the Val Camonica came in tenth in the Alpine Skiing Ladies' Super-G. While there is no Olympic medal for "10th best in the world," she has proven that she is indeed among the best after numerous lingering injuries. Federica Brignone from Milan has also been competing at these Olympics. Julia Mancuso, who was already the most successful American in Alpine skiing, at least added a bronze medal.

USA-Russia Hockey

This U.S. team appears to be better than they have been in a good while. Basically it's the "NHL Americans" vs. the "NHL Russians." It's very different than USA-Russia in 1980. In any case, they're very evenly matched and may even meet in the final this coming week.



  1. keeping in line with the whole athletics theme, here's a MOVIE ALERT: Angelina J recently directed a movie about Louis Zamperini, a Venetian-American(both parents from Verona) taken prisoner by Japanese forces during WW2. It's coming out this year.

    1. Thanks for that info. I'll make note of that for posting.