Monday, February 17, 2014

Dario Cologna - 2 gold medals in cross-country skiing

Dario Cologna of Switzerland has won two gold medals in cross-country skiing at the Winter Olympics so far. He is from a historically Romansh village (Santa Maria Val Müstair) on the Graubünden-Valtellina border.. therefore culturally Lombard-Romansh. According to Wikipedia: Dario Cologna (born 11 March 1986) is a Swiss cross-country skier. He has three overall World Cup victories, three Olympic gold medals, one World Championships gold medal and three Tour de Ski victories in his career so far. His two gold medals were in the 15 km classical on Friday, and in the 30 km skiathlon yesterday. His brother Gianluca Cologna is also a well known skier.

Bode Miller managed to win a bronze in the Super-G yesterday. It's so difficult to win a medal in downhill skiing because they must be absolutely perfect, have only one chance, and are within a fraction of a second of each other. I think he will have one more chance at these games.


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