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VA approves Thor’s hammer for gravestones - Part 2

A Victory for Those Who Paid the Ultimate Price

By Vikingreverend - - July 23, 2013

Finally the Veteran’s Administration has come to their senses – even though it may cost them a few cents to implement the new ruling for marking KIA’s grave-site at Arlington or any other VA approved burial plot.

Our beloved Thor’s Hammer – the identifying symbol of most Ásatrú Folk – was approved as one of the now 56 symbols the VA will allow to mark a soldier’s grave.

The story on National Public Radio’s interview with John Brownlee can be heard HERE

The story that broke this news can be found HERE

Fortunately for many active soldiers and veterans who already are familiar with Nordic Mythology and Odhinnism in general, the VA actually acknowledged that Thor’s Hammer is not linked to other form of paganism, such as Wicca, Satanism or Hedonism, and following Teutonic/Germanic Beliefs, stand for the Nine Noble Virtues which is in large part embraced by the majority of Ásatrú Folk.

For those of you not familiar with the Nine Noble Virtues or the Six Fold Goal of Ásatrú Folk:

The Nine Noble Virtues

Courage – being brave enough to do what is right in all circumstances.

Truth — to always speak what is true to one’s heart and mind.

Honor — one’s inner value towards their endeavors, knowing they are of a good and true nature.

Fidelity — being true to one’s Self and loyal to one’s Folk and mate.

Discipline- the ability to be hard with one’s Self first, and then others. The heartiness to carry out goals and endeavors.

Hospitality- sharing what one has with all Folk, when there is a feast to be had, feast. When there is but bread, break it gladly.

Work Ethic- to joyfully carrying out the tasks of life that support home, family. To be glad and respectful of one’s abilities.

Self-Reliance – to know with heart and mind that one’s Spirit is independent and free among all men.

Perseverance- is the Spirit of success. The ability for one to follow one’s path regardless of failure or success. To learn from mistakes and recognize the progress of a situation.

For once (is there a blue moon out tonight?) the VA has made a proper decision that will greatly effect many of our Army. Air Force, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard and National Guardsmen who have paid the ultimate price in Service to their, and our, Country.

Blessings of Peace


I had forgotten to post this earlier. Yes, it's a miracle. A bonafied "European spiritual tradition" is officially recognized by the U.S. government. When a spiritual tradition is European in origin, then it's called mythology, pagan, small movement, subculture, etc.; but when it's a spiritual tradition from any other origin, then it's serious stuff. Well, better late than never. I should add that Wicca--although based on ancient European traditions--is eclectic as well. It's interesting to read some of the comments from the article link in part one. Some are very good.

This had truly been a struggle. Since the U.S. military is the only governmental institution which has private cemetaries, it then represents the bare-bones of what society/government accepts. Governmental foreign policy is a separate issue. If this were Christian society vs. Asatru/Odinism, then I could at least understand the issue; but when almost everything under the sun is accepted... then it starts to get a little strange in my opinion. However, this should be a joyous occasion if you're a "native believer" (not necessarily Asatru).


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