Friday, March 8, 2013

Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 9

Although I didn't feel the need to mention every paranormal-themed program, I wanted to mention a few more here. One program on the Syfy network is called 'Paranormal Witness'. It is produced in the same documentary-narrative style as 'A Haunting', and it's quite good. I didn't see season one in 2011, but I did see season two. Season three is scheduled for later this year with twenty episodes. Some people find it easier to just purchase the DVDs.

One other program, also on the Syfy channel, is called 'School Spirits'. It's a school-themed program that's also good. Without making lists, I would loosely say that 'A Haunting' was the best of this program genre, with 'Paranormal Witness', 'The Haunted', and 'School Spirits' being the next three. All four are still active, and produced in the docu-narrative style. 'The Dead Files' (active; new season starts tonight) 'Paranormal State' (ended) and 'Ghost Adventures' (active), are more "investigative." 'A Haunting' and 'Paranormal State' were something like "the pioneers" of paranormal television.

It should be mentioned that 'In Search of' from the late 70/early 80s was a somewhat similar program and deserves mention. It's always helpful to have a great narrator like Leonard Nimoy. 'In Search of' really holds up today. I think part of the appeal of these types of programs, and many metaphysically-themed horror movies, is that they free up this "spirit world" which is part of our genetic memory. Often, people with "dismissive personalities" regarding anything they don't understand--and don't wish to understand--are actually afraid to know or experience anything new. Also, most often, those with strong religious dogma dismiss these ideas based on their social conditioning which is something a little bit different than the fear-based attitudes.

'Celebrity Ghost Stories' is another one which was pretty good. I'm not much of a fan of "celebrities," but I'm not going to omit it or say that it's not good. I think many of the early accounts were sincere, but a lot of the phonies looking for attention will be getting into the act now. YouTube carries a lot of these and other programs. It still amazes me the variety of things uploaded onto YouTube.

Paranormal television (Wikipedia)

Paranormal television is a genre of popular reality television programming. Its scope comprises purportedly factual investigations of paranormal phenomena, rather than fictional representations found in such shows as The Ghosts of Motley Hall and Ghostbusters, or cartoon/children's series such as Scooby-Doo and Rentaghost.

[See above link for history and the program list]

There are probably a lot of programs and concepts that I didn't cover, but I think that I gave a pretty good overview of what this subject and these programs are about. It should be mentioned again regarding this "spirit world," that there is probably many times more "good" and "protective" spirits; but in human nature we just accept the positive things, and only when there is a negative presence do we complain. Although there is evidence of a "soul process," there's also evidence of spirits just coming into being based on love, hate, pain, etc., almost as if they were grown like a plant. Some are the spirits of humans, but others may have been animals or other life forms, or spirits which never were alive and are attached to places or objects.

Also, there is "unfairness" within this spirit world. Human souls are meant to move on to the next plane, but sometimes another soul may stop them and hold them in a place, or even terrorize them. Suicide is one act which seems to hold a soul on the earth. This doesn't mean that this soul is "bad." Sometimes a soul of a person chooses to stay. Other times, there are "energy stamps" from events or acts that have occurred in a place and/or become attached to an object. Sometimes, for example, a negative energy stamp can be placed by a person that commits an act of violence at a location... but that stamp exists even though this person is still alive. This whole subject strongly ties into the concept of "animism" as well.


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