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Thoughts upon the coming "La Festa Di Cornucopia"

The Streghe Treguenda known as the Festival of Cornucopia is one of the eight festivals of Stregheria. Apparently it's celebrated on August eve and officially on August 1. This--the first of the three festivals marking the beginning of the harvest season--is the equivalent of Celtic/Druidic Lughnasadh, Teutonic/Heathen Freyfaxi, as well as Wiccan, Slavic, and other Pagan traditions.


Cornucopia -- La Festa Di Cornucopia -- August Eve

The celebration of anticipation of plenty. This is the time of the First Harvest. God is preparing to sacrifice himself so that the world can continue. Even as we begin our harvest, we plant the seeds of rebirth. For those seeds which are planted now and nurtured over the cold winter will become the strong plants of spring.

Vikingsholm Castle

SGT Hartsock

Take a look at one of South Lake Tahoe's absolutely gorgeous places to visit, Vikingsholm Castle, in Emerald Bay




Stephen McNallen:

"Sheila and I spent as couple of days recently at Lake Tahoe, on the California-Nevada border. It’s an inspiring setting, with deep blue water reflecting a deep blue sky – and it’s a wonderful place to regain perspective after a rough week at work. Besides the natural beauty – there’s Vikingsholm! Yes, even on our down-time Asatru is always on our minds.

Vikingsholm is a modern rendition of an early medieval (1200’s or so) Scandinavian building, complete with carved dragons and authentic period architecture. If you come out for the AFA’s Midsummer gathering, you ought to take a side trip to visit it."

Most Beautiful and Amazing Visiting Places In Alaska, USA

Nagaraju A

Alaska, northwest of Canada, is the largest and most sparsely populated U.S. state. It's known for its dramatic, diverse terrain of wide-open spaces, mountains and forests, with abundant wildlife and many small towns. It’s a destination for outdoor activities including skiing, mountain biking and kayaking. Massive Denali National Park, home to Mt. McKinley (aka Denali), North America’s highest peak, is a site of animal-viewing tours.


I suspect that most people still don't realize that "corn" (maize) is native to North America, and only became large and practical after a long period of early genetic engineering by Amerindians. Initially maize was a small barely edible crop.

Little brown bat

While hiking along the coast--at close to twilight during those warm late Indian Summers--I have on a few occasions observed bats who were out and about while it was still quite light out. They were flying so low that I could actually make out the detail of their fury faces! They were "little brown bats," which are very hardy bats who can live almost anywhere. These natives of North America are common in more northern climates, including Alaska. They seem to be more solitary, as opposed to the great hordes of bats that exist in more southern climates. If you click on the above image--then click on full size and block out the wings--it looks like a stereotype for a movie monster. Actually, they're totally harmless; and as long as they don't find their way into a home or garage where they could become a pest.

Outlander - Dance of the Druids

Trolleza Troll

Real mammoth footage?

If this is a hoax, then it's a very clever and interesting one. There was another recent sighting of a mammoth supposedly caught on film which actually turned out to be a bear carrying a fish. This video looks real, although I suspect that it isn't.

REAL Woolly MAMMOTH sighting footage caught on tape! (Yakutsk city, Sakha Republic, Siberia 1943)

Absolutely Incredible

REAL Woolly MAMMOTH sighting footage caught on tape! (Yakutsk city, Sakha Republic, Siberia 1943)

After the conclusion of the WW2 Battle of Stalingrad, Nazi Party member and official photographer for the NSDAP, Holger Hildebrand, was captured by the Red Army at the Battle of Stalingrad. He and thousands of other Wehrmacht soldiers were later sent on a death march towards Siberia; this mammoth footage is understood to have been taken during that journey. (Hildebrand is believed to have died a prisoner of war at a Soviet forced labor camp in late 1945. His Granddaughter later came into possession of the footage when his belongings were repatriated to Germany from Russia decades after his death.)


Unfolded Mysteries

The video deals with the beginning of the witchcraft in europe and in non European countries, a detailed study of the background of the theological believes and the other possibilities that raised the belief and flourised witchcraft during the mediaval period that transformed itself into popular culture of present times has been shown through this video.

NASA Speechless! ENORMOUS Mystery Space Object Outshines Galaxy! 6/16/16


The Titans

Unfolded Mysteries

The video deals with the names of the Greek Titans.The Titans were the predecessors of the Olympians.


Titan (mythology)

In Classical Greek mythology, the Titans and Titanesses were members of the second order of divine beings, descending from the primordial deities and preceding the Olympian deities. Based on Mount Othrys, the Titans most famously included the first twelve children of the primordial Gaia (Mother Earth) and Uranus (Father Sky). They were giant deities of incredible strength, who ruled during the legendary Golden Age, and also comprised the first pantheon of Greek deities.

Among the first generation of twelve Titans, the females were Mnemosyne, Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Rhea, and Themis and the males were Oceanus, Hyperion, Coeus, Cronus, Crius, and Iapetus.

King Tut's DNA Results

Planet X News

King Tut DNA Results Caucasian, Royal blood of Tutankhamun, Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, Mummies of China


King Tut is related to most Western European men today (British, Spanish, French), which seems to suggest a proto-European connection (not specifically Germanic). Many like to jump to conclusions, especially those who only hold racial motivations regarding this issue. King Tut and his family could have been atypical. People should just compile the evidence first. Most Egyptian art seems to suggest a particular type of small light-boned Mediterranean strain, although the old paint can change color over time. Everything has to be factored in. This issue(s) is still inconclusive. Remember a few years ago when a few Etruscan DNA results came in which reflected ancient Anatolian markers.. and suddenly everyone was a Turk! This despite the fact that the Turkic stock only entered what has been European/Byzantine territory (modern Turkey) long after the Roman/Byzantine era hand ended.

Tangerine Dream - Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) 

Przemysław Bryk

Music: Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) from album "Sorcerer" by Tangerine Dream

Movie: Sorcerer (a.k.a. Wages of Fear) by William Friedkin


This instrumental song is entitled 'Sorcerer' and it was produced by a German electronic music collective called Tangerine Dream for the 1977 American film 'Sorcerer' starring Roy Scheider. This song is an equivalent to the instrumental song 'Chase' by Giorgio Moroder from the film 'Midnight Express' the following year. The footage from the film here can be a little distracting to the music. Although largely regarded as a good film, oddly this movie doesn't seem to have gotten any play on television over the years.


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