Friday, April 8, 2016

The Arctic Home in the Vedas: Part 21 - The migration of ancient Mediterraneans, Teutons... and Atlanteans?

Manly P. Hall - Serpents and Druids (Eire, Arya, Iran)

Culain ruled by Venus

A compilation I made of clips, chiefly following the ancient Irish/Aryan/Iranian trails, from Hall's "The Atlantean Hypothesis" lecture series.


Manly P. Hall discusses a possible Atlantean origin for the Druids coming from the west, as well as the ancient Mediterranean and Teutonic migrations from the east. He also makes distinctions between them and the proto-Europeans (ex. Basques).. In terms of ancient knowledge and occultism, nobody in modern history was as learned as Hall.

Saturn, the Druids, the Phoenecians, and the Wicker Man

Tim Hayes

Follow this weird, Saturnian line of descent from the ancient Phoenecians and the Celtic druids (who both practiced the sacrificial rites of Moloch/Saturn/EL) down to some of its modern incarnations in the Cremation of Care Ceremony and the Burning Man Festival.


The second video, from the Saturnian-themed Tim Hayes YouTube channel, follows a different hypothesis of a Phoenician origin of the Druids. The ancient Phoenicians were on the same cultural level as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans; but have been relegated to an occultic role by the powers that be. Could this possible connection explain the reason that Phoenician and Druidic are seemingly combined as one by the Bohemian Club? We know that they traveled far and wide, including the British Isles.


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