Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 17

The evening of the week which I call "Ghost night" is now Saturday on the Travel Channel network (277 on DirecTV), with new episodes of the popular programs 'The Dead Files' along with the other mainstay 'Ghost Adventures' now airing. Now added to that lineup is a new program 'Deadly Possessions' with Zak Bagans, which is a lot like 'Haunted Collector'. This program has an interesting format, and interesting topics, based on actual haunted items. He's apparently building a "haunted item collection." Apparently they usually purchase or take items off of the owners hands which have caused them much grief. Lifetime Move Network's "ghost night" was switched from Saturday to Thursday I believe, but it's off season for it currently. That's the lineup with 'The Haunting of' with Kim Russo, "Ghost in My Child', and 'My Haunted House'.

This subject matter in popular culture, which started in earnest in 2005, is moving along as strong as ever. What people can't seem to grasp is that we don't "become ghosts" after death. A "ghost" is a soul which is compelled to remain behind because of some unresolved issue. A suicide will always result in this; that seems to be a definite rule, however it's not a permanent state. A soul is intended to go into the afterlife, at which time it then becomes a free spirit. Apparently free to travel both worlds at will until it decides to go back to have another experience. It's more complex than that, but that's the gist of it. I call this the "Soul Matrix."

About ten years ago, my father passed away from lung cancer. About a week ago I was visiting my mother, and in the early evening we lit a candle and turned off all the lights. We spoke about him for awhile, and then were silent for a bit with the effect of light and shadow from the flickering candle apparent on the ceiling. After about twenty minutes, the lamp just came on all by itself. It didn't "click" on, but just "came on." I can't prove that it was him, although I know it was. It was either him energetically affecting the electrical charge, or I caused it through psychokinesis, or it occurred through some type of universal synchronicity triggered by the power of ritual/suggestion, or it was just a coincidence. After about ten more minutes, the light turned off on its own. Later I turned it "on" via the switch, and "off" as normal.

I had another strange experience recently, although this was more in the coincidence realm I think. A synchronicity relevant only to the person experiencing it. I live on a slope of a mountain, where the streets were carved out. With houses on only one side and separated from one another, the original topography of the hills are easy to make out. I was driving in a location which was on another part of the slopes of the mountain. I parked to finish my drink. The roads there were similar to those in the neighborhood, except that there were no houses; only a few scattered businesses. I noticed the particular view that I had from where I was parked appeared to be an exact match for one street in the neighborhood... right down to some trees, bushes, and natural formations. It was eery. With so many similarities, I soon began to look for "dissimilarities." I couldn't really find any. It was as though this street was a dead ringer for the other street, minus the houses.

Below, an episode of Fade To Black with Jimmy Church; also an occasional guest host on Coast To Coast AM. A frequent guest is author Tracy Twyman, a deep researcher on occult history, secret societies, and metaphysical subjects, and a good name to google or YouTube if interested in this subjects. He's interviewed her on Coast as well.

Ep.150 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Fr. Jack Ashcraft, Tracy Twyman, Exorcism Ouija LIVE on air 


Day three of Halloween Week on FADE to BLACK and tonight we have up first Fr. Jack Ashcraft and we discuss how he determines if someone is in need of his services and what steps are taken we have Tracy Twyman, author of many books and her current offering is Clock Shavings...which is a non-fiction account of her communication with Cain and Baphomet for the last 13 years through her Ouija board.


Fade To Black (YouTube)


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