Sunday, January 17, 2016


Rhiannon, a figure in English and Welsh literature and earlier Celtic mythology, as well as the great song by Fleetwood Mac. The song lyrics almost suggest more of a spirit than a person, or at least a free spirit. The song, as well as Stevie Nicks, were featured in a couple of episodes of 'American Horror Story: Coven' in 2014; centering around the character Misty Day who looked a bit like the young Stevie Nicks actually.

If you visit this video webpage, it's easy to see that younger horror fans and pagans have discovered the song.....

A small fire crackling away on the patio, the night sky above me, cold winter chill to the air, candles softly glowing and a glass of mead in my hand as I listen to this song and twirl and dance, taking in the elements. :) By the Gods and Goddess' I love this song! Now, back to my crazy dancing...(Wonder what my new neighbours will think when they catch me dancing in my garden at 2.30am? lol!)
-- VampiressOfShadows 

Rhiannon.... is often considered to be related to the Gaulish horse goddess Epona. The resemblance is her horse affinity, and her son's, as mare and foal; also a paradoxical way of sitting on her horse in a calm, static way, like a key image of Epona. While this is generally accepted connection among scholars of the Mabinogi and Celtic studies, Ronald Hutton as a general historian, is sceptical.

Misty Day

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