Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ophiuchus: The 13th constellation of the Zodiac - Part 4

Ophiuchus Revealed


The answer to all the media hype about this "new" zodiac sign

I think (auh-fucus) could be the correct pronunciation.
Let's just call it "O" geesh!!!

Sources: Jennifer Kiza Jordan/Hattiesburg New Age Examiner,, Licia Avelar, Megan Friedman,,

Astronomically, our sky literally "changed" in 2009. The Ophiuchus constellation was always there, but it just wasn't part of the sun and moon's orbit around the earth. As far as one's own astrological sign, this would only affect those who have been born after November of 2009. I'm sort've glad that I'm not going to lose my "Moonchild" status of the Cancer sign. You have both a sun sign, and also a "moon sign" which you may want to look up if you aren't aware of what it is. Some of the new Zodiac dates from different sources have been off by a day, so don't totally fix in on the dates listed in Part 2. Since there's a Zodiac of both Western Astrology and Astronomy, I'm not certain if this means that there's not going to be an "Age of Aquarius" after all?

Ophiuchus is patterned after the ancient Sumerian god Enki "the serpent holder." Apparently, Enki (also known as "the healer") is also the inspiration for what is used today as the symbol of the medical industry, known as the "medical staff." The astrological origin of Ophiuchus can be found in Babylonian/Sumerian, Hellenistic/Greek, Islamic, Western Hindu, and Chinese mythology. The astronomical origin is much more widespread. For example, Roman or Gaulish.

A few other videos on the subject:

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