Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stella Natura: The Light of Ancestral Fires

Apparently, Stella Natura was an annual concert which started in 2008; and featured various local and international Euro-pagan metal bands and perhaps other types of music. The last concert was held in 2013 in the Tahoe National Forrest. I don't know if this was the location for all of them. It appears that these concerts ran day and night, and perhaps through the weekend; sort've like Ozzfest with quite a few bands, and even different stages. I found out about Stella Natura only after it became defunct. The details are in the link above. It sounds like it was such a great idea. You may see some of the footage in a YouTube "stella natura" search. Perhaps the lesson here is to be smaller and more practical. Maybe only a few bands in a less remote area close to urban centers would work? The Asatru Folk Assembly was one of the sponsors of these concerts. A few images can be found at the Stella Natura facebook page.

Below is footage from the 2012 concert, by an an Australian band called Ironwood. Again, these are mostly Odinic concerns. "Ironwood" is a mystical forest in Norse mythology.

Anarchists and the anti-labor left

A small coalition of people decried Stella Natura as "Fascist." Benito Mussolini, when asked for a definition of Fascism, responded with an answer: "Corporatism".. and obviously the connection between giant corporations and banks with the state. How is some concert "Fascism?" How about Wal-Mart? How about the Bank of International Settlements? How about the American corporations which arm the world, and manufacture the weapons of war right here in this country? They leave them alone. It apparently makes more sense to them to attack some non-political concert. The truth is that the Neo-Liberals and Neo-Conservatives have been in bed with transnational corporations for decades, and have collectively supported every anti-labor outsourcing and trade measure.

Since virtually every person who is fanatical against anything regarding European identity on this marginal level is white--typically from well-to-do families--it does seem strange that they ignore the fact that the state of California is overloaded with identity-specific associations of every kind. All one has to do it look. Social, political, religious, economic, professional, financial, men, women, youth, etc.; all with their doors locked to anyone outside of their ethnic or cultural group. Remember, these were just concerts, and were of a non-political and spiritual nature. Right near where I live, there's a sizable hospital dedicated to one specific ethnic group. It seems almost fantastic, but it's right there on the sign for anyone to read. There's a nearby employment agency dedicated specifically to one particular ethnic group... clearly stated on the window. There's another nearby health center that is dedicated to "recovery" from addictions, such as smoking, drinking, or drugs... and yes, it's dedicated only for one particular race. Says so right on the sign... in nice big letters. C'mon... recovery?? I'm just playing the devil's advocate here. Where's the consistency? The old aristocracy never really went away, they just became liberals. The type of people who have "conditions for friendship," based on politics. This is the result of people who never had to struggle in life for respect.

These Anarchists leave even these extreme examples of "identity" alone. They leave even the arms manufacturing companies alone. They leave the strip mining and fracking companies alone. One strip mining corporation in Arkansas armed a rebel group in a very poor country some years ago, and directly caused thousands of innocent people to get slain; just to get at those resources, which they did once the new regime came into power. They leave people like that alone. I couldn't find where any "Anarchist" ever mentioned this company--much less the CEO!--in any capacity... which intellectually should remove their anti-Fascist status. Well, if they don't care about the Communists murdering 200 million innocent people in the last century, I doubt they would care about "consistency." They're more worried about a concert, and people having a good time in a remote location. If there would somehow be a true political-intellectual public debate in which every established fact must be internalized right down to its logical conclusion, and every internal contradiction must be worked out.... there wouldn't be any "right" or "left" in this country anymore. Politics is the only science in which facts mean virtually nothing.


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