Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ancient proto-European Megalithic Temples investigated on History Channel 2 this Friday

This Friday on History Channel 2 ("H2"), on the program 'In Search of Ancient Aliens', the Megalithic Temples of Malta will be featured. These eleven temples may be an insight into proto-European culture and spirituality. The early stock of Malta was proto-European; Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans came later. Giorgio Tsoukalos from 'Ancient Aliens' (the guy with the funny hair) is the host of the program, and his mentor Erich von Däniken is a frequent guest. I remember when I was very young, my father had one of von Däniken's books, and I tried to make sense of it. It's amazing how his work has come into the mainstream over the years.

From Wikipedia: "The Megalithic Temples of Malta are the eleven prehistoric monuments, of which seven are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, built during three distinct time periods between 3000 BC and 700 BC approximately. They have been claimed as the oldest free-standing structures on Earth, although the largely buried Göbekli Tepe complex is now believed to be older. Archaeologists believe that these megalithic complexes are the result of local innovations in a process of cultural evolution. This led to the building of several temples of the Ġgantija phase (3600-3000 BC), culminating in the large Tarxien temple complex, which remained in use until 2500 BC. After this date, the temple building culture disappeared."

Excavation on the "Pyramid of the Moon" in 2010.
Also, relative to the Maltese temples as far as proto-European culture, tonight on the Science Channel is another interesting program. On the program 'The Unexplained Files', the "Bosnian Pyramids" issue will be featured. Why are the "official" mainstream archeological institutions not even interested in studying these structures, and why are they in such a hurry to rush to judgement? Isn't archeology about taking time to study something first? Why is the European Association of Archeologists in such a big hurry!? What are they afraid of? I guess that these items are much too big to bury in the back of some warehouse like the rest of the artifacts and fossils which don't fit into the accepted version of history.

Bosnian "Pyramid of the Sun"
These programs are usually repeated a number of times. Even if you don't have these channels, you may purchase these individual programs for viewing on Amazon.com for $1.99. Another ruin that would seem to be related is Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. This ruin may be as old as twelve thousand years. We really don't know who constructed it, as it is located in southeastern Turkey.. close to the Near East. We can rule out Turks or Arabs, since they only arrived there nine to thirteen centuries ago. It could very well have been proto-European.


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