Saturday, April 19, 2014

Three images... for no particular reason

The Clark Sisters "coven" in 1850, from the Ian Birnbaum blog. I found his comment that that they were "sexy" to be curious, since they certainly were not seeking to be. I think it was a typical modern male immature reaction to truly strong maternal energy... as opposed to mysogynistic-Abrahamic religion, or "masculine-feminism."

The church from the movie 'Lords of Salem' from Actually, the following is the picture which caught my eye; but the link just would not take... here... and is from the horror movie site. I suppose that the church doesn't want to be known for a connection to a horror movie, so there's no information as to what church this is as of yet. I like the architecture, the fall leaves, the overcast sky, the mood.

I remember an abandoned old house that was just like this some years ago. I enjoyed the times of just walking through that property. I didn't feel like a trespasser, but a welcome guest. I think that the spirits recognize what we are, if not who we are... and not everyone would always be truly welcome. The light always seemed to be dim, as if it was a portal to the past... with the slender trees, the overgrowth, the leaves, just as in this image. If I owned that property, I wouldn't change one thing about it.

I do not know what the symbolism of the "eight points" is. I'm sure that there is a Christian intended meaning; but if you click on the above link, it somehow reminds of me of Listian occult symbolism. Multiple-sets of the eight points of the sabbats, and the five windows of the elements.

Actress Alexandra Breckenridge from 'Coven' tv series. Interesting color combination.


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