Friday, April 18, 2014

Remembering Evelyn Paglini - Part II

Here are a few more Evelyn Paglini audio programs. There doesn't seem to be anything that would truly leave a lasting "legacy" for her work...except maybe for her broadcasts. However, this is the way that the tradition has continued over time.. in a generational way. Eventually... someone will step up.

It appears that the website will be shutting down after all the merchandise is sold off. Dr. Paglini is a native of the state of Illinois, but was based for many years in southern California, Sherman Oaks. She was of Tuscan descent. People have been, just in the last couple of weeks, putting up some of the old broadcasts. Also, there are her study materials. Perhaps someone responsible could develop some books based on these materials, including a little more of a bio of her and her roots in the tradition?

4-26-14 ADDITION:

I wanted to add one small item here. Evelyn Pagllini referred to herself numerous times as a "spiritual warrior," which I think is significant. Theoretically, this would work within the concept of "evolutionary struggle," due to the fact that the metaphysical world interacts with the physical world. The two cannot be separated.


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