Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lombard bilingual signs

Lombard bilingual signs

See also: http://www.squidoo.com/padaneis - Some bilingual road signs in Lombard and Italian. Also featuring a few signs in Emilian.

Some frames have been driven beyond their natural resolution limits so they are now of low quality; however the primary goal of this video is documentary and educational. No audio.

Photos taken between 2009-08 and 2011-09. Most photos by the author.

We are proud to thank the following persons (here listed in alphabetical order):

1) Joan Francesc Roger for suggesting us many places with Lombard panel signs in Bèrguem province ["provincia di Bergamo"] as well as for sending us a photo from Bèrguem;

2) Robert Stefenaç-Boss for sending us a photo from Cassan Manyag ["Cassano Magnago"];

3) Antjol Veronés for sending us photos from Varés, Gatjava-Schan, Bugutjà, Moraçom, Lonà-Cepin, Tradaa, Visévar [Varese, Gazzada-Schianno, Buguggiate, Lonate Ceppino, Tradate, Castelseprio];

4) Danyel Vitæl for sending us photos from Bonden and Campsent [Bondeno, Camposanto].

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