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Perceptions for the coming Autumn Harvest Moon III

2 MILLION BATS Austin Texas

Will Koz

The nightly ritual of the bats emerging from under the Congress Avenue bridge. This is the largest urban bat colony in North America. These bats consume over 30,000 pounds of insects per night. This was so cool to see, really happy I got to experience this in person!



Juno Probe’s First Glimpse of Jupiter’s North Pole ‘Like Nothing We Have Seen Before’

(NEW YORK) — For the first time, human beings are getting a look at Jupiter’s north pole.

NASA’s Juno spacecraft flicked on its cameras as it orbited our giant neighbor as close as 2,500 miles from the planet on Aug. 27, according to the space agency, which unveiled the images Friday.

The result? Just 6 megabytes of imagery data that took a day and a half to download.

But that small package contained views of Jupiter’s north pole, which, one scientist said, “looks like nothing we have seen or imagined before.”

“It’s bluer in color up there than other parts of the planet, and there are a lot of storms,” said Scott Bolton, the principal investigator of Juno. “This image is hardly recognizable as Jupiter.”

The spacecraft will conduct 35 more flybys, NASA said.

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The Gangstalking Program Explained

True Good Enduring

People Are Being Killed For Their Organs, You Might Be Next!

How much do you trust your government?

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'United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers'

By Mike McPhate - New York Times - June 10, 2016

Nobody believed him. His family told him to get help. But Timothy Trespas, an out-of-work recording engineer in his early 40s, was sure he was being stalked, and not by just one person, but dozens of them.

He would see the operatives, he said, disguised as ordinary people, lurking around his Midtown Manhattan neighborhood. Sometimes they bumped into him and whispered nonsense into his ear, he said.

“Now you see how it works,” they would say.



I remember hearing about "gangstalking" for years, and it just sounded like some type of simple intimidation... of perhaps anti-war activists. For example, CPS visiting their house and taking a picture of some dirty dishes and threatening to remove the children from the house in order to quiet them. The ugly side of politics. However this something very different. Unprovoked. Bizarre. I don't really cover deep politics or general mysteries here, but I couldn't help it. There should be more public awareness of this.

Coast To Coast AM Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment

How to Detect 'Two way mirror' and Stay Safe from Hidden Camera


Have you ever been in a bathroom, dressing room or another private area with a mirror and had that feeling that someone is watching you? You can check to see if a mirror is transparent by observing how it is installed and using a few simple techniques to determine if there's a wall behind it. You may have heard about the fingernail test but there are more accurate ways to tell if a mirror is two-way or not.


If you think of it, people should at least have the right to know if someone is watching them in the dressing room.

'Coping With a Neighbor’s Renovation'

Susan Stellin - New York Times - April 12, 2013

Dan Kramer found out his new neighbor was planning extensive renovations last summer when he overheard an architect talking in the backyard next door. Within a few weeks, the reality of how this project was going to affect him literally hit home.

“A brick had fallen down into a chimney stack, hit an obstruction, then burst through the plaster in my wall because it fell two flights,” he said. “It came in right next to a laundry machine and almost hit my friend.”

Mr. Kramer, who lives in the West Village in a 19th-century brownstone, is facing a problem increasingly common in the 21st, as homeowners renovate old buildings that share walls and foundational support — namely, how to protect your property (and sanity) when a neighbor does major construction.

People living next door to a house or apartment undergoing a serious makeover must deal with noise, dust, debris, and disruptions that can last for months, if not years, each one causing its share of headaches. But for owners of houses, the demolition process can also affect structural integrity, especially when developers dig deeper to gain space, because height restrictions prevent properties from growing taller. If not handled correctly, that process can cause adjacent homes to settle, so doors no longer shut properly and floors start to slope.



Being from a Blue Collar family, I've always bought into the idea that you just keep your mouth shut and let the workers do their job. That's all fine and dandy if it's somewhere other than next door. The truth is that many times they don't really care about your property, or that perhaps you take pride in your yard and privacy. It's sounds so knit-picky until it actually happens to you. Just this past summer, I've had roofers next door make a tremendous mess including placing heavy material against stakes holding up plants and other decorative items, contractors walking through and even hanging out in our yard, a PGandE driver crash into some large well placed granite rocks, a cab and pizza deliver drivers run over well maintained decorative rocks, movers place boxes over our driveway and rocks when didn't need to, and I even had to alter the landscaping to prevent the mailman from trudging through our perfectly groomed rocks. I know very aggressive people who you wouldn't think would be bothered by a little work next door, but to the contrary they see their yard as their sanctuary and it's become an issue with them as well. Residential workers can be to the Blue Collar world, what Lawyers are to the White Collar world.

Heart-Crazy On You


1976 - Dreamboat Annie


Heart - Crazy On You (live 1977)

Retro Barbara Stanwyck

When I was a kid, I remember watching reruns of 'The Big Valley'.. and I remember the older Barbara Stanwyck. Based on that, one just wouldn't get the impression that she would have been beautiful when she was younger. She was plenty healthy, headstrong, in shape, etc.. but she had simply lost her looks by then. Only later was I surprised to see her in an old movie.. wow! The headstrong manner and the feminine-husky voice came off very different back then.

'Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Many Faces of Barbara Stanwyck'

Inside Pay to Stay Jails

RT America

In Orange County, California, criminals can pay $100 a day to upgrade their jail stay. Police departments in California are cashing in on privileged inmates who don't want to stay in crowded, dirty and violent lockup.


Upgrade your jail stay for $155 per night; wealthy inmates given preferential treatment

I had always heard about luxury prisons, and I had read about them in a book once. There's not much information about them online. From what I have read, the prisoners have their own rooms, they have almost unlimited visitors and privacy but no sleepovers, they can have picnics in a nice park on the facility with small fencing, good food, exercise rooms, freedom to move about, hot tub, sauna, telephone, television, and a couple of guards with sticks. I don't recall if they can leave the facility during the day, but I recall that they may leave at times. Does that sound like justice? It's a joke.

Vince Lombardi quotes

Vince Lombardi quotes make great food for thought. I wouldn't hang my hat on them 100%, but they're a big part of the equation.

“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don’t do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”

The first U.S. military Neopagan stone marker. Arlington National Cemetary.

10-12 thousand year old Pyramid with the all-seeing eye from Eduador

Found in an Ecuadorian jungle cave in 1984, 300 feet below the surface with many other artifacts, this has got to be the fun find of the century. It shows more than anything that there was a world civilization and that this ancient symbol has been around a very long time. It has the 13 steps as well. It lights up in the manner of the above image, only under black light. Underneath are gold indentations of the exact dimensions of the Orion star system, as well as four symbols which apparently can be translated to "The Son of the Creator Comes From Here." Another artifact is a map carved into stone, showing North and South America, and a continental-sized island in the Atlantic Ocean. This all ties into the Giza pyramids, the Orion layout, Egyptian mythology, the back of the U.S. dollar bill, Freemasonry, Atlantis, etc.

The Black Pyramid Of The Son Of The Creator

Illuminati Pyramid From Ecuador

Sugartime - The McGuire Sisters 1958


Sugartime - The McGuire Sisters 1958


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