Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 19

Security camera captures a spirit leaving a body in a hospital in China


Paranormal Witness

Currently the Syfy network (244 on DirecTV) has a "ghost night"--as I call them--on Wednesday evenings. The two longstaying programs are 'Paranormal Witness', which is documentary style; and 'Ghost Hunters', which is investigative style. The Travel Channel (277 on DirecTV) continues with their Saturday evening "ghost night" with 'Ghost Adventures' and 'The Dead Files'. At least 'Ghost Adventures' is currently showing new programs. 'Paranormal Witness' is on the same par as 'A Haunting' which is shown on Investigation America network (286 on DirecTV). I don't get Destination America, so I just purchase the entire season.

Many--mostly Atheist types--point to the human brain as the source of consciousness and everything related to it. Therefore, according to them, the brain is basically all that there is to consciousness. The below article suggests that this may not be so. This is only one such case of people who have been discovered to have almost no brain at all and yet can function and think normally. I'm guessing that the subject discussed probably was utilizing his brain stem to a large degree, since we only perhaps used about 10% of our brain anyway.

'Do You Really Need To Have A Brain?'

Mitch Doolittle - - March 25, 2005

The reason for my apparently absurd question is the remarkable research conducted at the University of Sheffield by neurology professor the late Dr. John Lorber.

When Sheffield's campus doctor was treating one of the mathematics students for a minor ailment, he noticed that the student's head was a little larger than normal. The doctor referred the student to professor Lorber for further examination.

The student in question was academically bright, had a reported IQ of 126 and was expected to graduate. When he was examined by CAT-scan, however, Lorber discovered that he had virtually no brain at all. 


Voices from the Afterlife

The above link is a webpage from the website of attorney and author Victor Zammit, who authored the 2013 book 'A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife'. There are some very interesting spirit communications there, especially the Louis Armstrong one in which the spirit sings his famous song 'What a Wonderful World"... and sings it in an imperfect manner which one would expect from a conscious intelligence. There are other interesting items on his website, along with a  YouTube channel.

I still think that we must have definite cases to point to, such as the Melissa Galka case. There are clear recordings of her voice (as when she was alive) communicating and answering questions in a relevant manner. In other words... not a residual energy... but a very conscious spirit. There are some who believe that technology will allow for this type of communication in the future which will finally prove beyond the speck of a doubt the existence of an afterlife.


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