Monday, March 21, 2016

The real "most interesting man in the world" - Jay Wiedner - on Coast to Coast AM Fri Mar 25 - "Mysteries of Alchemy"

Jay Wiedner has more knowledge about more bottom line, bigger picture, occultic subjects than anyone else I believe. You can just have a field day on YouTube. Jimmy Church is the perfect person to interview him too. This program should be dynamite!

Mysteries of Alchemy

Date: Friday - March 25, 2016
Host: Jimmy Church
Guests: Jay Weidner

In the first half, author, filmmaker and hermetic scholar Jay Weidner joins Jimmy Church (email) to discuss his research into the art and science of alchemy as well as the "Cross at Hendaye" - a strange cross in a churchyard in the small southwestern coastal town of Hendaye France, built by a mysterious and unknown alchemist over 350 years ago. Some claim the cross holds the secrets of the universe. Followed by TBA in the second half.

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