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Countdown to the Pagan New Year - Part 4

Aleister Crowley In Search Of The Great Beast 666

illuminati Exposed

Music: 'The Call Of The Second AEthyr' by Aleister Crowley

This is a 2007 documentary entitled 'In Search of the Great Beast 666' by Robert Garofalo (Disinformation Company). I have mixed feelings about Crowley, but he did develop real meta-technology albeit via dark forces. He initially came out've the Hermetic-Alchemical camp.

When fantasy and anime trample over real history or mythology

In the last few days I conducted google image searches of "aradia" and "lunar star." As you can see in both cases, some anime or fantasy program has overwhelmed the images as well as even standard text searches.

The Moon-Star

 The Moon-Star depicted along with Julius Caesar, on a Roman coin.

Forum thread with similar Roman-Pagan coins 


"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." 

-- Albert Einstein

Arctic ancestral survivalism: on extreme weather Sami wisdom

Kirsten Dirksen

The Sami people are one of the oldest semi-nomadic indigenous groups in the world. Traditionally herding reindeer in the Arctic regions of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia’s Kola Peninsula (the region is known as Sapmi), they learned to work with the rhythms of nature in order to survive the harsh climate. 

Almost Famous - Tiny Dancer


From the 2000 film 'Almost Famous', the timeless "1973" scene depicting the fictional band "Stillwater" on a tour stop in Kansas, Nebraska, or almost any state; featuring the Elton John song 'Tiny Dancer'. This movie was so rich with subtle provocative aspects of life and culture. Just in this scene, I can recall as a kid being in situations far from home with very vagabondish children who were totally oblivious to my life stresses and responsibilities. A truly great film, not devoid of a dark side.

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lester Bangs in the film "Almost Famous." All scenes.

Vernal Equinox and Full Worm Moon

Today is Ostara already; while Wednesday is the Full Worm Moon. Actually, it occurs at 8:01 AM EST/5:01 AM PST, therefore for practical purposes it would be Tuesday evening. Today is Easter week; Palm Sunday today and Easter next Sunday.

First of season’s 4 full moons March 23

Bruce McClure -

This March 2016 full moon presents the first of the season’s four full moons. Moreover, this full moon ushers in the Northern Hemisphere’s first full moon of spring and the Southern Hemisphere’s first full moon of autumn. Tonight, no matter where you live on Earth, look for the moon to look plenty full as it shines from dusk till dawn.

Tonight’s moon (after sunset March 23) might look full, but for us in North America, the crest of the moon’s full phase came on the morning of March 23, 2016 at 7:01 a.m. Central Daylight Time (12:01 Universal Time). In other words, the March full moon may have passed by the time that you’re reading this post.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we often call the March full moon the Sap Moon, Crow Moon, Worm Moon or Easter Moon.



Lagertha aka Katheryn Winnick

April 23, 2016

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Taylor Swift an 'obnoxious Nazi Barbie', writes Camille Paglia

There would always be so-called "celebrities" who may rub one the wrong way as they're endlessly pitched and force-fed to us every day against our will. However, I think it would be more productive to have a critical judgement on all of them rather than just choose one random person. Whether a Hollywood standing ovation for Roman Polansky, some kid from a rich family (Mily Cyrus) doing a super-raunchy routine in front of the impressionable children of working class parents struggling to raise them, or someone worth over a hundred million dollars like Samuel L. Jackson's unprovoked taunting of some small time reporter to call him a negative term; this larger social menace should be addressed by common people. Taylor Swift, comparatively, must be pretty far down the list.

Americana - The BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Retractable Pen

I can recall using these pens as a small child. They're still around. I recently purchased the exact same pen! The old black, blue, red, and green classic.

Twistin' The Night Away - "Animal House" - Soundtrack



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