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Oms for Mid-Autumn IV

The 9 Virtues of Druidry

Joseph Villalobos

Wisdom, Piety, Vision, Courage, Integrity, Perseverance, Hospitality, Moderation, and Fertility.

Stregheria or Benedicaria?

"The real tradition is called Benedicaria (blessing). The word streghe means an evil witch, one who practices black magic. The word maga means a good "witch" who practices healings, cleansings and blessings. I put the word "witch" in quotes because they do not call themselves witches. The real Italian folk magic is Christian, not pagan." -- TheStarfkr, YouTube user

I don't like pointless debates on semantics, which the above was a part. How about "Regional/Chronological Pre-Christian Italian Pagan Reconstructionism?"  There aren't enough of us to afford to be so picky and choosy.

Exploring local legends and folklore

Wherever you may live, you're in a good position to explore local folklore and sites. There could be parallels and overlaps to things that you may feel close to or a part of. There are underused locations with reading rooms, archives, records, libraries, and research tools. The following two links are good examples of local legends and stories.

'Top 10 Tales of Witchcraft in Illinois'

'Myths and Mysteries of Wisconsin' (Michael Bie; 2012)

Raven Grimassi on Coast to Coast AM from 10/26/15

Conflict October

He's always an interesting interview or speaker. I've noticed that the best people in the pagan folk reconstructionist movement(s) are the ones most criticized, and usually by the smallest people. They virtually always have a snooty attitude about their own precious little paradigm that they've drawn up for themselves. Raven Grimassi has said over and over that there were many "ways" that were splintered, regionalized, or carried on in certain families after centuries of mass persecution.

Angelic female cat saves human baby boy abandoned in the snow

Often people give examples of some human interest story to "restore faith in humanity." Well, how about the humbling example of an angel of mercy in the form of an animal; with more heart and class than a huge number of humanity....

Hero cat rescues baby dumped in street by climbing in box to keep it warm in freezing conditions 
The Golden Phoenix

A long-haired tabby cat has been hailed a hero after finding an abandoned baby in a street and climbing in the box he had been left in to protect him from the cold.

As well as making sure the three-month-old didn't freeze to death, the moggy raised the alarm by crying out to make people aware of the boy's presence.

Irina Lavrova, 68, who lives near to where the tot was dumped in Obinsk, Russia, was throwing out rubbish when she heard Masha the cat meowing near the bins.

She went over to check Masha - a communal cat - was all right, and could not believe her eyes when she saw the baby boy lying among next to the moggy.

"Masha is a communal cat who everyone takes turns in looking after," she said.

"She is very placid and friendly so when I heard her mewing I thought that perhaps she had injured herself because normally she would have come and said hello to me.

"You can imagine my shock when I saw her lying in a box next to a baby.

"Clearly her mothering instincts had taken over and she wanted to protect the child.

"He was well-dressed with a little hat and whoever left him here had even left a few nappies and some baby food."

The baby boy was taken by ambulance to hospital where he was given a check up and declared fit and healthy.

A hospital spokesman said: "The baby had only been outside for a few hours and thanks to Masha and the child’s clothing he was not damaged by the experience."

Now residents in the area have hailed Masha a hero.

Irina said: "Everyone in the block is very proud of her and we have all spoilt her rotten by giving her her favourite food."

A police spokesman said officers were looking into the case and had launched a search for the baby’s mother.

Hero cat rescues baby dumped in street by climbing in box to keep it warm in freezing conditions. Stray Russian Cat Called Masha Saves Baby Boy Abandoned In The Cold By Keep Him Warm. Stray cat 'saves' Russian baby abandoned in freezing hallway by keeping him warm. She's my furry godmother: Stray cat 'saves' Russian baby abandoned in freezing hallway by keeping him warm. Russia: Masha the stray cat hailed for saving newborn baby abandoned in freezing hallway. Masha the Hero Cat: Stray cat saves Russian baby abandoned in freezing hallway by keeping him warm. Homeless Russian Cat 'Saves' Abandoned Baby Boy. Russian Stray Cat Saved A Baby's Life By Keeping Him Warm In The Cold! Hero Cat Saves Baby by Cuddling Up to It in a Box in Freezing Cold. Heroic stray cat saves abandoned baby from freezing.


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