Friday, April 3, 2015

Ambrosian Hymn for the Easter Liturgy of Milan - 'Hic Est Dies Verus Dei'

Ambrosian Rite Mass Hymn - Hic Est Dies Verus Dei

From Petrus Josephus YouTube channel

This is the second video I have made from the Ambrosian tradition. It is an Ambrosian Rite (i.e. Milanese) hymn from, I believe, the Easter Mass. It also seemingly Gregorianized. This version seems to use minor lyrical changes, by a different translation, or else it just sounds different because of a accent. The version also ignores the "Gloria Tibi" conclusion. "Michael Vanquishing Satan" by Raphael Sanzio. 

Hic Est Dies Virus Dei is an anonymous Ambrosian hymn which is sung at Matins (Office of Readings) throughout the Easter season in the Roman Breviary.


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