Monday, January 19, 2015

More Cold Moon thoughts


I wanted to make note of a movie that I saw a month ago entitled 'Maleficent', starring Angelina Jolie, based on an animated Disney character.. and probably from pre-Christian pagan traditions of fairies and fauns. I'm not going to really review it, since it's not fresh in my mind, but I thought it deserved mention as it loosely ties into the old religion.. about fairies and spirits of the land. The film is also based on 'Sleeping Beauty.'

'Malificent' apparently is a combination of "malevolent" and "beneficent," which seems to suggest a dual-personality much like the Roman God Janus and many other deities. The concept being that entities in the spirit realm are often much like people, with both positive and negative or other contradictory elements to them. In this instance, this fairy was in physical form.

As in the movie 'Beowulf', Angelina Jolie portrayed a powerful and alluring female fantasy character. Another theme shown in the film was the idea that the spirits can be driven to negativity if provoked by humans with negative energy; while they can also be harmonious if presented with positive energy by people occupying their land... since they are "the spirit of the land."

One common misconception is that "dark imagery" means negative energy. Dark imagery can merely be the symbolism of "the night" and it's creatures.. like an owl. It can stand for harmony and spiritual reflection.. and of course, natural animal predators of the night. However, if someone wished to use the night for negative energy, they could do that as well.

Once, while sitting along some nearby trails at night having a beer with friends, I observed a large black shadow moving across the dark sky above me. It was unnaturally large, so it got my attention. Obviously it was an owl.. with it's large wings on display. I'm sure many people over the centuries have witnessed such a sight and allowed their imaginations to get the best of them.


'Dark Shadows'

This is a little bit off-topic, but one of the movies that I watched this past week was 'House of Dark Shadows' (1970), a film based on the TV series 'Dark Shadows', except a lot more violent. Although an American film, it seemed to follow in the tradition of the "Hammer films" from the UK. I just mention it because it was filmed on an old estate and around it's grounds, which seemed both contemporary as well as mysterious.. especially at night. It's very dark at night were I live, and it takes on a whole different personality.

Another one I saw was 'Brotherhood of Blood' (2005), a B-horror film about vampires. It wasn't very good, but often horror films don't necessarily need to be "good." I watched it because Sid Haig was in it, and he's been in horror films since the early 60s. He's a real character, with one of those classic "bad guy " faces. Sid Haig is not going to play a protagonist! Ken Foree was also in it, and he goes back to the 70s in that genre of films... most often of the "B" variety... "B-legends."


The moon "Titan".. like Antartica

I left the following comment some months ago on the Asatru Update posting entitled 'Asatru and Space Travel'. I'm not certain if it's entirely accurate upon second thought, since I don't know if liquid methane is dangerous or not. It is a curious thought, imagining oneself actually walking upon this moon wearing only warm clothes and a simple breathing apparatus, looking back on the earth. In other words, without a special space suit, because it does have an atmosphere... feeling much like one would walking on a really cold night.

Apparently Titan, one of the moons of Saturn, can be colonized. It has mountains, lakes, and what seems to be hazy-like daylight. I heard one scientist say that if a person walked outside of a space station on Titan, all they would need is to dress warm and have a breathing apparatus such as a diver uses. Outside of the breathing issue, it wouldn't be different than walking outside in Antarctica on a calm day. The environment would be gentle for a person, albeit cold. If we could ever break free from the political handcuffs and leg irons, we could be doing this right now. Titan isn't literally a living world, but it's a rocky/watery world that's just waiting to be seeded with life. Remarkable


Native bull species reintroduced back into central Europe

'The Aurochs is about to return to the mountains of Central Europe'

For hundreds of thousands of years the Aurochs  was a part of European nature. Since the death of the last aurochs in 1627 in the Jaktorow game preserve in Poland, it seemed that Europe has lost this key species forever. The history is about to change, though. European Wildlife organization in cooperation with the Dutch Taurus Foundation is preparing a project aiming to return the Aurochs to the mountains of Central Europe.


Terence McKenna

Terence McKenna was a well-known American spiritual guru who had a lot of knowledge on a wide range of subjects. He's an interesting person to look up on YouTube. You can type his name with any letter, and a list of subject suggestions for each one will show up. Manly P. Hall is another name to look up from the Freemasonic milieu, but I think that McKenna thought outside of the box more. It's amazing that so many people can be brought back to life on YouTube so to speak, whether you agree with them or not.


Sun and Moon in the same skyview

With so much of the old religion based upon the Sun and Moon, it's interesting to ponder the two of them positioned close by one another in the sky.. an yellow/orange circle and a white/blue circle. Apparently it happens, but I've never observed it that I can remember.


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