Thursday, November 7, 2013

'Samhain Song' - Lisa Thiel

"Samhain" (pronounced "Sah-win") is actually on November 1st at midnight. Although a few days late, this is a nice song.

11-20-13 Addition: I wanted to add the excellent lyrics to this song:

'Samhain song'

Samhain, Samhain, let the ritual begin,
We call upon our sacred ancestors to come in
Samhain, Samhain, we call upon our kin,
We call upon our dear departed loved ones to come in

The Veil between the worlds is thin
Our hearts reach cross the sea of time
To bring our loved ones in
Samhain, Samhain we honor all our kin
We honor those who’ve gone before
As the Great Wheel turns again

Samhain, Samhain we call upon our kin
We call upon our Sacred Ancestors to come in
Samhain, Samhain we call them to come in
We call upon our dear departed loved ones to come in


1-16-14 Addition: I had meant to add something here earlier. Something that came to my mind that I thought captured the spirit of this song. I recall years ago, of watching a program on tv about "angels." In particular, I recall an account by a man who said that he remembers as a young boy that he climbed up a tall tree... and he fell. As he was falling, and possibly on his way to death, he felt being gripped by invisible hands. These hands broke his fall, and guided him to the ground safely and unharmed. Could the spirit(s) of his sacred ancestors have intervened on his behalf? This song reflects love for our ancestors, and could this account be a reflection of our ancestral spirits' love for us?


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