Monday, July 29, 2013

Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 10

On Friday I was watching the program 'The Dead Files' on the Travel Channel. The show is so popular, at least for a cable channel, that the network does everything it can to just keep it ongoing. In other words, it's not really even clear if the season has ended! They produce a new episode here and there, and fill in the blanks with the "Revisited" episodes, which don't offer much new information about the older cases.

In this past episode, they reviewed two earlier cases. In the first one, which took place in rural upstate New York, when Aimee had a sketch made of the (in-this-case) grim-looking spirit.. one of the guys responded "It looks like a witch!" No other spiritual tradition continues to be spoken of in this negative manner. Name any other demographic which was genocided in the past, and which the average person still believes that it was "proper," or at least continues open and outward scorn against them!? Even the recent movie 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters' is a clear example. What if a movie came out that was called 'Hansel and Gretel: Catholic Hunters'? Or "Muslim Hunters"... or... I think I'll stop there.

In the second part, they revisited a case that had been ongoing since the original episode. In other words, the haunting has continued. Aimee often advises haunting victims to seek help with a spiritual cleansing. Depending on the particulars, she usually suggests a Catholic priest or other Christian pastor to bless or exorcise the home or property. Sometimes she will suggest a Native American Shaman from a local tribe to do a cleansing, and occasionally a Wiccan. Lets give the Wiccans some credit, as some have become very adept at this in recent years, as has been covered here before.

This particular family, which had long been terrorized by the dark forces in their home, was Catholic. Their children were targeted in particular, so they were desperate. Aimee suggested a Wiccan in this case, to cleanse the home... and this Wiccan woman sure did. She did her thing and the dark forces were finally gone! What was frustrating was that after they initially consulted her, they said that their relatives were "upset" over them receiving help "from a Wiccan." Again, name just one other demographic that was genocided, and the aggressor "demographic" can continue to openly scorn the victim "demographic"..? Name just one...

It just seems logical to me, that if someone needed help from a certain tradition--even if they weren't exactly a fan of it--that they would allow them to do what had to be done... and even if it didn't change their opinion, at least they could be grateful to that individual(s). Even if we shift gears here, and you had the chance to help someone who you didn't even like... you should strongly consider doing it. It's not always about who they are.. it's about who you are.

On Saturday, I watched the new A-and-E program entitled 'American Haunting'. It was a three hour, three episode special. They were okay, similar to Syfy's 'Paranormal Witness'. I still think that the documentary-style paranormal-genre programs are the best. I think the best one going now is 'School Spirits' on the Syfy channel. Season 2 should be starting up sometime this year.


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