Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chalet Ticino in Foster City

From the Chalet Ticino website:

Chalet Ticino - Swiss-Italian Restaurant

Established in the 1500's, Canton Ticino is located on the southeast border of Switzerland. Ticino brings the Mediterranean to the mountains and represents an enduring marriage between the competence of Switzerland and the culture of Italy. Italy manifests itself in Ticino's charm, architecture, and cuisine. Canton Ticino is part of the renowned 'Swiss Riviera'.

At Chalet Ticino we offer traditional and also innovated recipes inspired from the Italian, French and German regions of Switzerland. The blending of these influences is what gives the unique flavors found in Canton Ticino.

It is our mission to offer you delicious food, warm and friendly service and charming European ambiance. We are committed to having you, our guest, feel genuinely welcomed while you enjoy a rewarding dining experience. We look forward to getting to know you, and hope you enjoy our food and our company as well.

Owners: Nina and Alexander de Toth


I just wanted to add an interesting trivia fact. The word "canton" is from the Lombard dialect, and means region, territory, state, province, etc., and was adopted by the Swiss nation in reference to their distinct provinces.

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