Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lombardian National Council

The Lombardian American Alliance would like to announce the blueprint for a formation of a new panel. This panel will be made up of Americans of Lombardian descent, from all around the country, who will be able to directly partake in any process of planning or representation of Lombardian heritage in the United States.

There is new technology on the horizon, which will enable any scattered group, probably anywhere in the world, to be able to hold an audio-visual meeting of sorts. This is just something to keep in mind as we begin the thought process for future organization.

This will be more of a loose association, only "organized" though this panel. Naturally we want to be able to, at some point, count individuals among this group who are from any field; including, but not limited to, professors, scholars, journalists, travelers, writers, researchers, and authors. The chief goal being to promote our heritage through education, and to encourage inter-association.

Although usually called "Lombard" or "Lumbard" in English, we prefer "Lombardian" in order to make a distinction from the ancient Lombards who were all over Northern Italy, and also Southern Italy. "Lombardian" could be considered an ethnic group, in the same way that Venetian (the tri-Veneto region), Tuscan, or Sicilian could form distinct cultural groups. It should be noted that some of historical Lombardia is also located in the nearby cantons of Switzerland (Ticino and Grigioni).

If interested in what will be called the "Lombardian National Council," you may send an e-mail, or visit the Lombardian American Alliance website, which will soon provide a mailing address. Thank you.

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