Friday, May 9, 2008

Friend in Brescia Looking to Migrate to USA

Our friend Stefano in Brescia needs help to fulfill his dream of emigrating to the USA. He is a truck driver and apparently can handle any type of truck. It's very hard for a European to become a U.S. citizen now, and he has to partake in a yearly lottery in which the odds are quite low. If he can obtain employment in the USA, then the process will be much easier. Unlike many in Europe in recent times, he is a big, big fan of this country. We would like to use this entry as a springboard to help him. If you are looking for, or happen to know someone who might be looking for a young but very experienced driver, contact him or us. Thank you.

Stefano's webpage

5/10/08 >>> I am going to add to this page as time goes on, and with more knowledge, we can just continue to proceed to the next step.

7/7/08 >>> Yahoo Answers: How can I help a European friend emigrate to the USA?

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