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Valcamonica, Lombardia to Monongahela, Pennsylvania

This is just our first look at something which is a large area of study for us. That being the migration of immigrants from the Valle Camonica to Monongahela, Pennsylvania. Many men were employed in the mining industry, something that Camunians had much experience with.

The arms and weapons manufacturing industry was very big in Brescia for many centuries. They armed the Venetian Empire, which they were a part of, and don't forget Beretta firearms (founded in 1526).

I mainly just wanted to give our friend in Italy, Pier Luigi, a chance to put a feeler out there for his genealogical research.

I suspect it's possible that this Western Pennsylvania city's most famous native, football great Joe Montana, is of Camunian descent. His father's original surname spelling is something like "Montagna" or Italian for "mountain," further suggesting Camonica heritage. I think Pier Luigi was trying to say that there are descendants living there that he and his genealogy group (Circolo Culturale Ghislandi) would like to communicate with.


Looking for my ancestors

I'm a grandson of an Italian immigrant in Monongahela, Pennsylvania in the 19th century. I am looking for Italian people that now live in Monongahela because I and my cultural circle are interested in searching for our grandfathers who immigrated there. Can anyone help me? My name is Pier Luigi Milani and I live in a little town of Malegno, in Valley Camonica, Brescia (country), Lombardia, near to Milano in Italy. My Grandpa was Luigi Milani, dead in Monongahela or Pittsburg in 1914 and buried in Pittsburg. Also many other immigrants from Malegno are living in Monongahela. If anyone has information, please e-mail me.

My E-mail is

Thank you, Pier Luigi Milani

Monongahela, Pennsylvania Community News


We also want to know much more about this unfolding history. Once again, the link to Pier Luigi's genealogy circle:

Circola Culturale Ghislandi

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