Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Secrets of soft Magick

Words Are Magic Spells and You're a Witch


In the beginning was the word. You bring it from the imaginary (your head) then out your mouth and onto paper. You can Publish Your Magic and Weave reality without anyone liking it or not.


You are a BLACK Magician & Can't See it (Good, but I don't agree with the part about not consuming meat. The two exceptions being pork and shellfish, which are cancer-causing. Once in awhile I'll have bacon in a sandwich, or crab in a salad, but I think they're best avoided.)

The magic of words - what we speak is what we create: Andrew Bennett at TEDxTowsonU (This is for non-magickal pracitical application. Personal affirmations for life, business, goal setting, etc.)


Magic and Magick

Magic is illusion for entertainment ("pulling a rabbit out've a hat"); while Magick is generally the use of the energies of the universe to affect change.


Magick is Real

I am, by no means, an expert on magick; however I know a few simple helpful things. For starters, spoken words count! Words in the form of letters count as well, but not nearly as powerful as the spoken word. If you literally speak out loud, the universe listens. For example, if someone is causing you problems in life; you may ask for help to that universal energy source. What happens is that over the course of an unspecified amount of time--usually "months"--that problem person will challenge you with something in which you cannot back down! They will force you to take action, even if you don't want to.... even if that person is a genuine danger to you or your interests. This produces, at the least, a band-aid result. It may get them off your back for a time; but not a true solution. This is what happens, so don't bite off more than you can chew!

If you ask for a hundred million dollars, or to stop an advancing army, your request won't work. It's a battle of energies and fate. On reasonable requests, you will get an answer in the form of a channel opening up for you to act; and sometimes it's not voluntary. It depends what it is. If it's based only on your will to do something, then you may accept what the universe offers you... or not. You at least have a choice in the matter. If it's a battle of wills, then it can be a dangerous game. I would say that if it's just something that you wish to do in life, then it's okay to just do it with an open heart.

One rule on the problem-based endeavors--and relating to problem-people in particular--is to focus on the solution, not the problem. This shifts the energetic focus away from the negative person, for example, and directs it around them. If you keep affirming how much you hate them, then you just get more of that energy! There's an old concept in regards to dealing with negative people: I'm not going to fight you; I'm going to walk away from you. That's beautiful, but if that person is anchored in a position where they can keep hurting you.... then walking away does little good. However, if you focus on the solution, you may magickally be able to walk away from them.... a permanent solution.

Everything I have referred to is in regards to "White Magick." There are all sorts of problems with "Black Magick"... most often in the form of unintended consequences. The universe seems to favor "the good" so to speak... perhaps 2 to 1. It wants you to do "good," but it allows you free will. Even merely using the magick of the spoken word--"wishing bad on that person"--is bad for you.. energetically. Of course, sometimes in life you must fight; but this is different. Lastly, there's been a lot lately on the use of blood over intent ritual. This is not good either. It's a binding... a "deal." There should not be any problem with a reasonable request. It's not really "prayer." You may craft your spoken words with something specific in mind; as long as you have good intent. A candle may be used, but I believe that it's a bit too powerful in most cases; you want things to always go smoothly without a hint of desperation. The spoken word should be sufficient.

You may state how a negative person or force has been for you, but don't say that you hate them or wish bad on them. Again, focus on the solution. Several years ago--while taking my mother shopping in one of those urban locations that are a crossroads between gentrification and poverty--a desperate drug addicted young guy insulted my mother when he didn't get what he wanted. He wanted us to go to the cashier when checking out and try to use some card he had to get him some money... or some crazy thing like that. Awhile later, after dropping her off, I went back looking for him... without the issue of her being around standing in my way.

Although I can't prove it, in my mind's eye it was as though the Almother was in the sky pointing down at a police car for me. I approached the car, and they were very cordial. The two officers agreed to talk to him if he was around.... and low and behold, here he comes walking down the street. The police spoke to him, ran his name, and arrested him... as there was a warrant out for him. Now that was much better than taking a chance on going to jail myself, or perhaps some other worse problem which may have occurred. He cried as he was handcuffed, and I didn't feel a bit sorry for him; however, it may have just been what he needed at the time anyway.

Lastly, for all of those people who engage in self-depreciation comments--even for humors sake--may want to think twice about it. If someone is always saying something like "that's just my luck!" when something bad happens, or maybe something like "I'm such a...." or "I'm so..."... you get the idea. It's negative energy being directed at you. Self-affirming positive comments are good... energetically-speaking. If you have a health problem, say "I'm getting well now," or affirm out loud that you're going to do something. While there are no guarantees, it's helpful along with direct action to that cause. You may help someone else this this manner as well, although it probably won't be as powerful as for oneself. Getting someone to energetically help themselves would be best. It's about seizing opportunities; not about being given something. We all need access to the well, so to speak.

BLOOD OVER INTENT | Blood Magic Explained


What makes blood so powerful in spells and blood magic? Why is blood used? While this is not a thorough examination, I would like to focus on some key concepts.

*Please watch this video, to have a better idea of what you're getting into before you consider joining the crowd. Some other points:

-most websites that endorse blood magic and rituals agree to use extreme caution and have a more complete understanding of the process before attempting.

-they also say blood spells are not to be taken lightly and cannot be undone.

-the will of the spirit is what gives power to an individual... The magic is in you already!

-the pain of blood letting can change the vibration of the individual. Enjoy the vid!


BLOOD Over INTENT Ritual ... WARNING ...It IS A TRAP! The POWER of YOUR BLOOD (Good, but a bit repetitive)