Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Remembering Evelyn Paglini: Part VI

AB - Twelve Pack #6 - Evelyn Paglini Binge

Ghostly Matters


10 hours and 45 minutes of Evelyn Paglini on the old Art Bell Show. I listened to the whole binge on my iPod.  You can use ListenToYouTube.com to save any YT video on an mp3 file. I've been doing that with a lot of them lately since much of YT is audio programs and podcasts now. I didn't take notes, but the late Dr. Paglini had a tremendous about of knowledge and wisdom beyond just magick. She referred to herself as a "Metaphysician," and was indeed a Tuscan Strega by tradition. 

Her website MysticalBlend.com is still up and running, and one of her old Art Bell programs and five of her newer Coast To Coast AM/George Noory programs are on their new YT page. That's at least twenty hours of listening right here. If anyone has any history, experience, or story about Evelyn, you may send it to camunlynx@live.com and it can be placed in this series, if it's long enough it may be posted as a separate posting. I know she has a much longer history than being a frequent guest on that popular radio program. I believe that she was a native of Illinois, but had long been based out of Sherman Oaks, California.

I had put up her bio from Mystical Blend, and I believe that they have updated it. There was one interesting part that I think is new: Dr. Paglini was the last in a thousand-year lineage of Strega Toscani occult practitioners. Those who are able to benefit from her power and guidance during this lifetime are indeed gifted, since hers is a destiny that can be acquired only by a chosen few.

"Every morning is an opportunity, so take it." -- Dr. Evelyn Paglini


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