Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Flower Moon ponderings II

A gentle world

'What It Would Be Like to Live on Saturn's Moons Titan and Enceladus' [Joseph Castro - Space.com Contributor - March 10, 2015]

This has already been covered here, but this is a confirming article by space.com. It's fascinating to think that Titan has such a gentle atmosphere. All you would need is an oxygen apparatus and warm clothing. It would be like a calm Antarctica, except mostly rock and sand. The sky would be orange instead of blue. Imagine just walking around on a land beyond Mars, and beyond Jupiter.


Little-known Earth feature

I wasn't aware of the apparently little-known fact that there is literally a solid hot metal ball at the core of the Earth that spins on it's own within a zone of liquid metal. It is about 70% of the size or our Moon.

'Earth's Inner Core'

Synchronicity and Enlightenment

I've listened to so many interviews, lectures, and presentations online; that it would be impossible to keep track of all the names and subjects, partly because they overlap each other. However, David Wilcock is one of the best. This is one of his Coast to Coast interviews from August 2013, after 'The Synchronicity Key' was published.

Coast To Coast AM - Aug 19 2013 - Synchronicity & Enlightenment - C2CAM, Radio, David Wilcock [Video]

The "speech gene"

Human have at least one exclusive gene, now accepted as the one which allows for speech: "FOXP2." It is believe by some that this is proof of DNA manipulation of early hominids by some greater intelligence. In any case, just the fact that mainstream archeology cannot account for many artifacts and fossils which positively no not fit into mainstream theories make me believe that there needs to be more of an open debate. Much of mainstream science is funded by special interests.

2 timeless faces

I'm no connoisseur of the golden age of Hollywood. However, I have long thought that the two actresses of that time period which stand out as far an having a timeless iconic look were Greta Garbo and Carole Lombard.


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