Friday, November 7, 2014

ShadowFest motley - Part 1

With Samhaim having been only a week ago, I'm just borrowing the equivalent term "ShadowFest" ("La Festa Dell’ Ombra") from Stregheria. Stregheria has basically the same festivals (each called a "treguenda") as other branches of European witchcraft; and since we're on the subject, the following is in regards to ShadowFest (from Stregheria Wiki):

ShadowFest marks both the beginning and ending of our year. On November Eve, we mark the time when our Lady descends into the Underworld seeking to understand the Mystery of Death. She meets Dis, the Lord of the Underworld. She is angry with him, for he has taken away those things that she loved. He tells her it is not he who does this, but age and fate which robs her of these things. He simply tries to make the time until they are reborn more pleasant. Eventually, he wins her heart. They come together in Holy Union, and share their mysteries with each other.

I felt a strong connection to the Ur, not just on Samhaim, but during the days that followed. Lots of synchronicity. While hiking, I felt it as the cool November winds touched my skin from the ocean at the high altitudes. I felt a clear connection.. timelessness. Past and present felt close. That can't be forced. The conditions are either there, or they're not there. It doesn't have to be night. It can be the daytime as well. A few days ago I had to drive someone somewhere in the early evening, to a more rural part of the county. It was a clear dark night, and it felt like it was 10 PM when it was only 6:30 PM. When the night is clear, without clouds, the lights from the cities don't reflect upon the clouds and hence down to the ground, making it quite dark in some places. A dark night is beautiful.

Earlier, for some reason I thought about my first girlfriend. Her last name was Anderson. Just as soon as I was finished with my thoughts about her, along comes a van with big lettering on the side: "Anderson Plumbing." At a later point I was thinking about an article I had been reading about the Phoenician god "El," the root word for so many English words. Just as I completed my thought about that.. I see a Jewish Temple with a Hebrew name of about three or four words. The final one was "El," and as has been mentioned here before, the origin is the same as far as that word. It's not just the ancestral connections, but your own personal synchronicity goes right along with it. Synchronicity often ties aspects of the biological-you (ancestral ties) with the personal-you (personal ties). I believe they are to be in harmony with each other.

Last night, at 3 AM, I walked outside. The full moon was very bright, and right overhead. Although a bright yellow, she emitted an almost-bluish mystical glow upon the yard. It was so still. I could hear an occasional animal moving in the distance. I'm guessing that it was about 60 degrees. I wanted to pull up a chair and sit, but I needed sleep and had to go back in. However, when conditions are perfect and you have a chance to enjoy it, you should take it. When weather is perfect--day or night--there's a false perception in our minds that it will always be that way... "I'll enjoy it tomorrow maybe." Often we realize that we should have taken the opportunity to sit or take a walk.


Anonymous online comments

I have noticed that online commentary, such as those on YouTube, have gotten much worse just in the last six months. I think that almost all of us have left a little rant here and there, and there have long been "trolls" who leave comments that are so over-the-top that they can't really be taken seriously, but now it's to the point where so many project their personal failures to whatever or whomever they wish. The target---whatever person, place or thing---rarely has anything to do with that person's failure, loss, or misfortune. In addition, the gratuitous four-letter words, pornographic comments, and name-calling/belittling have also increased right along with it.


Negative energy vortex

Have you ever found yourself experiencing an incredible series of small mishaps during a fairly short window of time? For example, you're driving along in a residential district at about 2 PM, and you drive past a little market. You decide to make a u-turn because you want something there. There are no cars anywhere. Anywhere! You see a clear opening to make your u-turn. Nobody seems to be around.. anywhere. You're being careful, and this maneuver should take about four seconds. No problem. You take a wide turn with full confidence... feeling totally in control. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a car on the opposite side of the little intersection screeches to a halt a little bit past the stop sign! You then must immediately slam on your breaks!

How could this have happened? You were being careful and looking the whole time. How could this other car have appeared so suddenly? A toxic combination of anger, shock, humiliation, frustration, and disempowerment set in on a dime. You then slowly complete the maneuver, and shrug it off. However, these same types of mishaps just continue to happen for an hour straight, over and over. You have been caught up in a negative energy vortex, and you're spoon-feeding it with your own negative energy responses.

Probably the best thing you can do is, first, "to accept it." As long as you haven't actually been injured, or some other literal disaster, you can try to be humble and just "play the game." You could take a time out, or command it to go away. You may even be able to see it as a challenge, so long as you're able to accept it for what it is. The term "Murphy's Law" was coined in response to these vortexes. Tornadoes of negative energy.



I was going to give a plug for Papa Ray's Pizza, which has excellent food, thinking that it was a national franchise. However, there are more than one "Papa Ray's!" The best pizza that I ever had, I think, was Brick Oven Pizza in Brisbane, California. Apparently the owner/family retired. It's just like everything else worthwhile, you usually don't truly appreciate something until it's gone.


Those looong YouTube videos

There are so many full-length videos on YouTube. I even saw one which was five hours long! I usually watch them in small increments. For example, I just completed a video entitled Artifacts of the Lost Global Civilization, which was an hour and a half long. I watched it in ten or fifteen minute increments. Very few of them would I post here because--although I like to constantly review "the bigger picture"--the huge volume of material would be too overwhelming here. I like to focus mostly on aspects of ancestral ties as far as "mysteries" go; but I look at all evidence and continually try to understand the codex in every area.


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