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Why Wolves Howl at the Moon

This video was produced by the John Mainer's YouTube channel, who is an Odinic Heathen. I'm not always going to put the originating YouTube or other channels in the future since they're easily accessible on the embedded format here. I think that by merely redistributing someone's work gives them credit, a larger audience, and a way for someone to find their channel.

One aspect of the Odinic tradition, which I think is missing in modern folkish magical traditons, is the issue of evolutionary struggle. Life is struggle. That certainly doesn't mean that it wasn't present in ancient times, but that it has been lost from having been forced underground by Christian societies for so long. The wolf perfectly represents evolutionary struggle.

Wolves are comparable to humans in nature within a historical overview. They, for example, mate for life. They form tight kinships and work together to survive. It's not hard to see how the mythology of the "werewolf" came about; and that ties into both the warrior tradition as well as individual, family, or clan struggle

It's interesting how wolves are a big part of other northern peoples (Amerindians, Siberians, Mongolians) who saw the same spiritual qualities and allegorical connections. However, they did not actually incorporate--as far as I know--wolves into their daily clan life... or actually being part of the family or clan as allies (man and dog).

Wisdom of the Wolf (from

For the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

I take offense to the image of wolves as only beastly hunters. Not all wolves are fanged beasts waiting in the woods to devour you. We are civilized, orderly beings with laws and leaders. There are some lessons I have learned from my noble brothers and sisters, the wolves.


The Wolf as a symbol of the Wild

The wolf has long symbolized the wilderness in all of us. They roam the lands free of constraints, something that some of us can greatly identify. Wolves are the wild in all of us, and can teach us about the unexplored realms in all of us. Following the wolf, I have found freedom within my heart. The most wonderful feeling in the world is that of running across the plains, the wind ruffling your fur, and a clear moon overhead.


The Wolf and the Moon

The wolf and the moon have long been entwined with each other in myth. The wolf sings to the moon, and in return the moon gives the gifts of intuition and spiritual guidance to the wolf. Silver, the color of the moon, is a powerful color, giving this wolf a special connection to Luna.


Qualities of the Wolf

The qualities of the wolf are many. But most of all there are the qualities of loyalty, love and trust. Wolves are fiercely loyal, protective of those around them. Their pack is everything, family, friends, all are important to the wolf. Wolves are also teachers. They teach the pups so the pack may grow strong. I am proud to say a wolf has been one of my great teachers..


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