Monday, April 8, 2013

A day without chemtrails

One week ago today was one of those really nice days we've had around here lately. Sunny, fairly warm, and not a cloud in the sky. Even late in the day, there wasn't any wind to speak of. I was hiking and I eventually noticed that there were no chemtrails, and there hadn't been any all day. I then realized that I was literally "breathing fresh air" again. With confidence finally, I sucked the cool late afternoon air though my mouth.

I could almost taste the sun-baked aroma of the fresh Spring vegetation, as the brush rabbits enthusiastically forged in this outdoor produce market. Usually I only breathe through my nose, as if pretending that this would somehow filter out the contents of the sticky-looking smog. However, on this day, I decided to just enjoy what I once took for granted. There's nothing like the darkish blue color of a cloudless late afternoon sky as the final rays of the sun illuminate the blue-grey mountains in the distance.


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