Monday, October 22, 2012

Mother Cabrini Shrine Golden Colorado

Mother Cabrini Shrine Golden Colorado


A walk up the 400+ steps at the Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden Colorado on a beautiful Summer day. I have made the climb many time and its is not as easy as it looks....but well worth it


I wanted to add here that this is an impressive monument. Not a large gaudy structure, but an interesting outdoor assent up towards the sky. Also, just the location, in the middle of North America, and apparently at a higher elevation than Denver. Perfect. Good video. I would really like to visit this shrine; and much more so than Mother Cabrini's displayed remains. Actually, the main stature is of Jesus, but there's a relatively large Mother Cabrini statue there as well.

Mother Cabrini Shrine Colorado view at entrance (views from a distance)

MOTHER CABRINI SHRINE (more complete video on a more crowded day)


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