Saturday, December 5, 2009

The flags that we use

We use the Canadian flag for a number of reasons. First, we see it as a symbol of the entire continent. Because we are so small in number, and are so spread out, localization is not practical as it is with some of the Camunian Folk Association (Associazione Gente Camuna) groups in a few European cities. In this way, people of Camunian descent, whether in Pennsylvania, Florida, California, or Quebec, can feel connected to our unique folk family concept. Other reasons include a symbol of Canada and it's huge land mass, which along with Alaska, make up most of the continent. Also, when looking at a the earth, it symbolizes the great white north in a sense.

We can view ourselves, beyond a regional or ethnic group, as a large family spread out over a vast land mass. We would like someone in Anchorage to feel just as connected to us as someone in Chicago. Let us think of the entire continent, from the Aleutian Islands to the Panama Canal, as possibly where our Euro-Camunian kindred may be living or working

The other flag over on the top left, is a modern colorized flag based on the symbol of the ancient city of "Cividate Camuna" from Roman times. The Romans, after conquering the region, formed administrative cities like this to tie them into the empire. It showed that the Romans clearly saw the Camonica Valley as a distinct region.

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