Friday, May 1, 2009

Lombardian-American Community

The Lombardian-American Alliance blog has been merged into the PAL blog. All postings have been integrated by date, and the separate LAA blog will be closing. The LAA will remain active through the PAL blog.

The reason is that it is not necessary to have entirely separate web infrastructure for every project. It saves on a lot of time and effort, which would be better directed at community development. In other words, we already have a forum voice here.

The national council and a planned sponsorship will be put on hold, but the LAA concept will continue on. I know that we've bounced all around on this subject, but hopefully this will be permanent, and we can all just move forward under the PAL banner. Additionally, there will be three separate sub-projects under the LAA. The Brescian Circle USA, and the Camunian Clan USA, both active through the PAL blog.

Lastly, naturally we welcome other Lombardian circles into the LAA community. Also, in a greater PAL scheme of things, we want to connect with ties from all North Italian communities, and from all over the world. If you think that there's an aspect of history or the American experience that should be covered here, send your own posting so we can put it up. This is a forum for all related communities. Thank you.

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