Monday, December 22, 2008

Lombardian American Alliance

The PAL is proud to announce the formation of the new Lombardian American Alliance. This is a totally separate umbrella organization, to promote specifically Lombardian heritage and culture, which is marginal in America as far as numbers, but has had a much bigger influence than those numbers would indicate.

From the LAA website:


"The LAA is an umbrella group for any association which promotes Lombardian heritage and culture in the USA. Lombardian culture is from the former sovereign nation, and current region of Lombardia in Italy; as well as the canton of Ticino and the three southern portions of the canton of Graub√ľnden, both in Switzerland.

"You may contact us if you are a representative of any group or institution which you believe should be placed on our list. Again, they must be American and very specifically dedicated to promoting Lombardian heritage and culture.

"Note: The term "Lombard" refers to the ancient Germanic tribe. Therefore the proper English language term for anything of Lombardia is "Lombardian." We merely ask for the same distinction as there is between the ancient "Etruscans" and modern "Tuscans." Thank you."

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