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Ostara 2021



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Ostara · Sowulo


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Released on: 2016-12-17



Ostara is generally or officially considered to be on March 20 annually. However, I think it's thought of by those who place a great reverence to it as to take place between March 19-22. This probably goes back to the concept of it as being a days long festival. It was celebrating life itself, especially in locations where the winter was harsh, and the joy of being able to take up activities again. It marked the beginning of their year.















Adjustment Bureau 03 ENDING UNEDITED

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Movie: The Adjustment Bureau





'Mogambo', from 1953, was a prime film for creative film posters. For the last several decades at least, film posters have been very bland. I would like to see that simple creativity come back. Why such seriousness?

Mogambo (1953) Official Trailer - Clark Gable, Grace Kelly Adventure Movie HD

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Mogambo (1953) Official Trailer - Clark Gable, Grace Kelly Adventure Movie HD

Victor Marswell runs a big game trapping company in Kenya. Eloise Kelly is ditched there, and an immediate attraction happens between them. Then Mr. and Mrs. Nordley show up for their gorilla documenting safari. Mrs. Nordley is not infatuated with her husband any more, and takes a liking to Marswell. The two men and two women have some difficulty arranging these emotions to their mutual satisfaction, but eventually succeed.





A beautiful young Stephanie Zimbalist


The Dark Side Of The Entertainment Industry!

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Holy Mood



Draggin' the Line

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Tommy James

Draggin' the Line · Tommy James

Christian Of The World

℗ 1971 Roulette Records

Vocals: The Shondells
Vocals: Tommy James
Writer: James
Writer: KING


The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go (Official Audio)

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The Clash

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Snow Moon 2021


Robert A Russell: You Can Get what you Want, IF, You Find it Within Yourself

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Giving Voice to the Wisdom of the Ages

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"If you're reading this you have been chosen to live a beautiful existence. You are chosen to be love and light. You are strong and courageous. You can do it. You are whole & healed. God loves you. Go be great." -- Jael The Great

"I used to think all of this stuff was BS until I started studying quantum physics. Now, I realize that the ancients somehow understood the basic fact of existence; that everything in the universe is made of the same fundamental stuff, and that it is all commanded by consciousness." --THE GAMING SOLDIER

"Keep growing and keep rising and remember that we are not here to fit in but to elevate to your highest form as human and live in Love Peace and Happiness" -- Tru Vibes Ent

"When the inner mind has been changed then the outer effects will change accordingly" -- Practical Fitness

"Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. 🙏 " -- Gii King

"We always get the conditions that belong to our consciousness" -- Practical Fitness




Most widely held works by Robert Alfred Russell

Robert A. Russell of the Church of the Epiphany in Denver was an Episcopal minister who taught what would now be recognized as new thought philosophy. "I AM PROSPERITY." By saying these three simple words, you opened the window of prosperity in your mind and took the first step towards a wealthy life. The energy your thoughts create as a result of this time-tested concept is so powerful, and so irresistible that your life will become a magnet attracting wealth and success. The techniques in this guide and those three simple words are all it takes. Practice these spiritual principles, and you too, can be prosperous



This audiobook is apparently from Dr. Robert A. Russell's 1950 book 'Vital Points in Demonstration: You Can Get What You Want If You Return Home'. He seems to me to mix monotheistic religion (Christianity), New Age concepts, and ideas that sound much like Florence Scovel Shinn. I put down a few particularly interesting quotes from this below.


"The way out of every difficulty and the way into every blessing lays in the spoken word."



"There are many theories on the subject of spiritual power, and as many methods for applying it, but the truth is that none of us will ever have more power than our detachment and self-forgetfulness provide. Practical religion is really nothing more than getting rid of the obstruction, so the great force can get through us. We often speak of our power, but really it's not our power at all. It is merely that through confidence. We free ourselves to become good channels through which the power can flow."




"When will be learn that we do not solve problems by running away from them, no difficult situations by refusing to face them? God did not put us into this world to be cowards, but to be victors. He did not put us here to be crushed by life, but to conquer it. He did not put us here to be paupers, but to be kings."




"What we call limitation is nothing more than our own limited thought. There can be no such thing as limitation itself. There's nothing to limit us but our ignorance. Ignorance is our worst enemy because it creates separation, limitation, sickness, and inferiority. Blundering and failure. There's no power in the universe that tries or tempts us. There's no power that withholds from us but our own thought."



"Mouthing creeds, burning candles, and singing hymns are meaningless if they are not integrated with life."




"A Way of Life" - Dr. William Osler 1913

The following was quoted as well: 

"The load of tomorrow added to that of yesterday, carried today makes the strongest falter."




Full Snow Moon

This years full snow moon will occur on Saturday, February 27 at 12:17 AM. In other words, on "Friday night."

It is also known as the Hunger Moon or the Storm Moon. The Cherokee tribe refers to it as the Bone Moon.

As amazing as it may seem, it's only a few weeks from spring.

Note: I got to this late, so it's tonight. A Friday night, perfect. I can truly say that for me, ritual amid the mountain, moon, and trail are the only real church I know.


Eyes Wide Shut | In-Depth Explanation and Analysis

76,956 views - December 26, 2020



Merry Christmas!

This video was a long time coming and although I wish I could've gotten it out on Christmas day external factors prevented it. Things are happening and that means I have less time to dedicate to YouTube. Many projects are in the works - albeit slowly - but there's no telling which video will release when. It's purely a matter of what I want to work on when I get the time. 2020 was a tough year and although I don't see things getting better anytime soon this channel and the community it's gradually developing is more than enough to keep me going... spiritually, I guess. Finances are a separate issue. Thank you to everyone who's supported me thus far - you have no idea how much the lengthy comments mean to me.

00:00​ - Intro
01:53​ - The Film's Core
04:27​ - The Cycle of Exploitation
07:03​ - We Are All For Sale
09:50​ - Doubling and Mirroring
14:07​ - Was It All a Dream?
16:48​ - Fidelio
18:53​ - Miscellaneous
23:58​ - Colors
26:46​ - The Toy Shop


Stanley Kubrick's films were just drowning in symbolism, and none more so than 1970s '2001: A Space Odyssey'. One strange thing that ties into the theme of this video, and the film really, is that Kubrick passed away on March 7, 1999.... exactly 666 days before January 1, 2001.



Video Links


Heart-warming moment Damian Aspinall's wife Victoria is accepted by wild gorillas OFFICIAL VIDEO - YouTube 

Is This Indiana House the ‘Portal to Hell'? - YouTube  

You Need To Hear This "You Can't Deny It Anymore" (unseen footage) - YouTube 

Disturbing Horrors Behind The Wizard of Oz That'll RUIN Your Childhood | Documentary - YouTube 

Why I will never spit on another grave ever again - YouTube 

New Discovery! Egyptian Pharaoh DNA Not Of This World? 2019-2020 - YouTube



Hang On Sloopy

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Hang On Sloopy · The McCoys

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One Toke Over the Line

Brewer & Shipley - Topic

One Toke Over the Line · Brewer & Shipley

℗ Originally released 1970


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For Those Who Don't Fit In Anywhere...


For Those Who Don't Fit In Anywhere...

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Awaken Insight
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A quick video addressing those who feel that they don't fit in anywhere.

I apologize for the poor video quality.  I had to use my phone to record this, as my usual camera is not working.

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I should add to this (just for clarification), that I know many people who identify with so many different religious, political and philosophical ideologies.   I have friends who are Democrats as well as Republicans... Christians, as well as Atheists, and so on.  And while they don't always get along well with one another, I find that I usually get along with all of them just fine... because I relate to them at a level deeper than these superficial identifications.  Beneath all of that, we're not so different.  By recognizing our commonalities, we find our connection.
-- Awaken Insight


 “I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not” - Kurt Cobain
-- Spencer Phelps

"My mother ones said this to me: "the people who are in groups, they are islands they dont connect with anyone that's not from their island. But you are the river, you are the sea and the lake that binds the islands togehter, you may stay one place sometime and then move on again, but in this way you will hold the sand and stones from those islands. This is the memory and the knowledge of water. And this sand, you leave behind on other islands so that they may grow from meeting you." I hope this helps all of you who feel that they dont belong. Much love ❤❤"
-- k vb

"I don't fit. It used to cause me so much pain. Now I realize that the reason I don't fit, is because, I have always tended to see all sides, which makes it hard to fit in one fixed place."
-- Yvette

 "I don't hate people.  I just seem to feel better when they're not around."- Henry Chinaski
-- Jack Demask

 “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society “ J. Krishnamurti
-- Muirlinn

" It's an extremely lonely existence though, even being around people"
-- Blak Mamun

"I only fit in with animals, trees, the ocean, nature."
-- Azara Moon

"I fit in every where until people start talking. That's all I know."

"It's so nice to see I'm not alone. I used to think I was shy, but have since come to the conclusion that I just don't like people very much.  I guess that makes me anti-social, and I'm okay with that.  I too have practiced social distancing most of my adult life, so this pandemic really hasn't changed my life all that much."
-- stargate20




 "I remember George Carlin said that he loved people.. up until they start gathering in groups, wearing uniforms, arm bands, shouting slogans, and shaking their fists in the air."
-- Me



Monday, February 8, 2021

Valentine's Day 2021

“Ordinary men hate solitude. But the Master makes use of it, embracing his aloneness, realizing he is one with the whole universe.” 

-- Lao Tzu


Hares and rabbits are not rodents; they're Lagomorphs




Devil's Road

Last evening I watched one of Travel Channel's two-hour "shock docs" from last year entitled 'Devil's Road: The True Story of Ed and Lorraine Warren'. Actually it was aired on Reelz this time. When presented in its totality, their life's work was even more substantial then I believed; having trailblazed paranormal investigation, and strongly influencing society at large. The documentary really seemed to dot every 'i' and cross every 't' as far as Ed and Lorraine Warren's public life is concerned.

Below, the scene from 'The Conjuring 2' where Ed Warren sings to the Hodgson family to comfort them made for an interesting touch in the film.

The Conjuring 2 - Can't Help Falling in Love With You

4,018,085 views - August 28, 2016


Patrick Wilson (as Ed Warren) sings Can't Help Falling in Love With You in The Conjuring 2.

I love this scene so I made a quick video of it.


            The pleasant Vera Famiga

                               Great actress; of Ukrainian ancestry






Rammstein - Sonne (Official Video)

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Premiere: January 29,  2001
Shoot: 13th to 15th January,  2001
Location: Babelsberger Filmstudio, Potsdam
Director: Jörn Heitmann
Single: Sonne
From the Album: Mutter

The video shoot for the song SONNE was produced in Potsdam at Babelsberger Filmstudios from the 13th to the 15th of January 2001. It was the first time Jörn Heitmann directed a Rammstein video.

SONNE, the first single from the album MUTTER is released soon thereafter. Beside the original and an instrumental version of the song, the single contains the track ADIOS and two remixes by Clawfinger.




Rammstein-Sonne lyrics w/ English trans






Woman shows signs of life literally moments before scheduled cremation

Thank goodness this didn't end in a horrible disaster!

'Dead' Woman in Argentina Discovered Alive Seconds Before Scheduled Cremation

Tim Binnall - - February 1, 2021

In a wild story out of Argentina, a daughter mourning the loss of her mother was stunned to discover that the ailing senior was still alive mere seconds before she was set to be cremated. The shocking turn of events reportedly took place in the city of Resistencia last week where the unnamed 89-year-old woman had been hospitalized for a few days. Upon visiting the facility one morning, her daughter was informed that she had, sadly, passed away from heart failure and was handed a death certificate stating as such.

The woman's body was then handed over to a funeral home where she was set to be cremated following a memorial service. However, as the daughter was saying what she thought was her final goodbye to her mother and workers prepared the conveyor belt which would send the remains into an incinerator, she suddenly noticed that the 'corpse' was displaying signs of life. The astounded woman quickly alerted personnel at the crematorium and managed to save her mother from a truly nightmarish demise.

The 'undead' woman was subsequently brought back to the hospital, where she is currently in the intensive care unit. And, as one might imagine, her daughter is not too thrilled with the clinic which declared her mother deceased, lambasting them for their malpractice and reporting the situation to the authorities, who now say that they plan to conduct a full investigation into the matter to determine how such a massive miscue could have happened.




'Woman spots her 'dead' mother, 89, is ALIVE just seconds before she was CREMATED - and manages to avert disaster'




Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai, Hawaii


[Featured now on Windows 10 Spotlight]


When imagining the Hawaiian Islands, an incredible beach may be the first thing that pops to mind, but there’s much more here besides white sand and sparkling surf. Our image shows Waimea Canyon, a vast geological wonder cut deep into the western interior of Kauai, the fourth-largest island in the chain. The gorge is known as the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’ and it earns the comparison: At 10 miles long and reaching depths of 3,000 feet at some points, Waimea makes a big impression. Unlike that other enormous canyon in Arizona, the landscape here was formed not only by river erosion, but also by the massive collapse of the volcano that forms the island of Kauai itself.



Spectral Tarsier

The spectral tarsier (Tarsius spectrum, also called Tarsius tarsier) is a species of tarsier found on the island of Selayar in Indonesia.



The mountaintop of toppled god

The ruins on Mount Nemrut depict a gaggle of gods from both Greek and Persian traditions, plus a few deities that King Antiochus I made up himself. The range of spiritual faiths represented in the statues found near the 7,000-foot summit reflects southeastern Turkey's long history as a crossroads of cultures. Today, the derelict statues are protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In 70 BCE, Antiochus took power here in Commagene, one of several small onetime states formed from the shambles of the Seleucid Empire. Looking to unify his populace, he synthesized a mythology that hailed Greek and Persian figures, from Ares to Zarathustra—plus the king himself and his family. Antiochus' claim to godhood wasn't eternal, as he was deposed in 31 BCE, but sometime before that he cemented his customized state religion in history by having its partial pantheon—including, of course, himself—carved into stone statues on the peak overlooking his kingdom.



Mount Nemrut









The Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Stereo Mix), HQ

33,040 views - April 21, 2016



Cats Reacting To The First Snow Funny Compilation

6,981,515 views - January 15, 2019


461K subscribers




                               The classy Madeline Kahn











A rite for a fallen antagonist?

Recently a man, whom I was involuntarily linked to for a long time, passed away. He was a bit younger than I, and to make a long story short.... was more of an antagonist in my life. I suppose you could say that I grew up in the same situation as he. He wasn't actually from the neighborhood, but had grandparents who lived there, and was there a lot. On top of all that, he was simply in a different cultural universe... of gangster rap, drugs, etc. Unlike certain bad individuals that I know of from that time, I probably wouldn't have given it much thought. However this man, of mixed race, is just someone I can remember when he was a very young boy. I didn't quite know how to take the word of his passing. He wasn't even what one could call a "frenemy" (friend/enemy), but just someone whom I can recall social interaction with... some of it volatile. Most of it was simply playing sports at the local playground or grass field, or just people of that age hanging out there. I suppose mainly I just remember him being so small, wrestling with bigger kids; you know, someone that other boys got a a kick out've. It was his decision to become a negative and disruptive force when he got older. Somehow I don't feel comfortable using his first name, so let me just call him Roderick.

Roderick, unbeknownst to anyone, had a fragile heart. Even if he lived a healthy lifestyle, he likely would have had problems with it at some point in his life. This heart issue was not visible at all when he was younger. It's my understanding that at about age fifteen he began to smoke crystal meth. When inhaled, the toxic smoke (which includes petroleum among its sordid ingredients) is immediately absorbed into the brain. On top of brain damage and a host of other problems, crystal meth usage causes heart disease as well. For him to use this drug is like a diabetic consuming a dozen sugary sodas a day! He died of heart failure about ten months ago, although I didn't hear about it until a few days ago. Once the damage was done, it couldn't be undone. He needed a device to even allow him to merely breathe at night, and so many issues are tied into this health issue.. respiratory problems, etc.

Somehow I can't help but recall his competing in sports with older boys. One I recall of an older brother of one of my friends who made an appearance at the playground. He was sitting on a bench, play boxing with Roderick... all three feet of him. Roderick was leaning into him, just like a boxer, with strong hooks in crosses. The older boy was smiling, befuddled as the small kid was working him over. I suppose these times are what I most remember, and I'll just skip over what he later became... much of it was due to drug addiction, and those who fed or enabled it. I think a person can be both a victim and perpetrator of the problem. When he got older, he grew to about 6'1"... and eventually to what he claimed was 240 lbs... but looked more like 275. Some questioned how he maintained his weight if he was using meth. I don't know.

In the same vein as we may feel sorrow for someone whom we may have been at odds with--although different in a lot of ways to--I felt sorrow for him. I don't know how empathetic I am, but when someone has a terminal illness or has passed... I feel strongly that I don't want them to suffer. Dying young, even with that alone, I'm certain that he suffered. In other words, just knowing that--even with his "living in the moment" mindset--in his last days must have been very difficult. I'm sure he must have finally acknowledged the consequences of his actions. It's difficult to convey in writing, both his positive and negative traits. He could be nasty if you questioned him on something, yet would see you the next time and act like things were great, and everything was on the up-and-up. Some of it was probably his good nature when high, and the opposite when on a low.


When hearing of his passing, I felt like a little devil was on one shoulder and a little angel on the other. The little devil would say in one ear "forget him, he was no friend of yours. common dope fiend"... and the little angel was saying "remember that tiny boy playing with kids twice his size and age? there's a tragedy about this." I couldn't quite get myself to hold a simple rite for him. It felt disingenuous somehow. Finally after a few days, I decided to just take a night hike "of acknowledgement"; to simply acknowledge him, without ritual. Last night, I did. In some ways, I thought of it as also just a acknowledgment of that time period for me. A rememberance, of all the good and bad. It then seemed like a simple enough concept. I suppose I may have felt emotion for the symbolic death of the innocence of that time period, with him merely symbolizing it.



It had ended up being a two-hour hike, under a very clear sky; very starry for these parts, with no visible moon, with much stillness. In the middle of the hike, I stopped to gaze upon a particularly dark and starry part of the sky in one direction towards a 1,300+ mountain peak. As I stared, a shooting star moved in that exact spot, at high altitude, and for just a short distance. Unless someone was specifically focusing on that one spot, they would not doubt have missed it. Coincidence? I don't see many shooting stars around here. If it was a sign, it would have been a universal sign for me only; affirming the magic of the night. During the hike I gathered four items: a tiny pine cone, a little piece of a rowan bush with berries, a little tip of a bush with several tiny round crowns of purple flowers, and a small tip from a cherry blossom tree. Initially I had not planned on any ritual, or even necessarily seeking his spirit being present, but sometimes we change our minds a little bit. I remember a line from the end of the film 'The Edge' where a dying character said to the man whom he saw as a deadly adversary, but was now trying to save him:  "Never too late for a kind gesture eh Charles?"

Before I made it back to where I was parked, I stopped at a recently self-discovered grove of relatively young eucalyptus trees, amid some much older ones. There was a pretty little clearing in between them, with some nearby street lamps emitting some light into the little clearing. I placed the tiny pine cone against the base of one tree, signifying that he was young once. Then I placed the cherry blossom behind and over it, signifying rebirth, as the cherry blossom tree looks dead in early winter until it blooms again in spring. I then set the purple flower crowns and the red rowan berries on each side. The little red berries could be like little hearts, signifying that in later incarnations he can have many healthy hearts.

Coincidentally, I had watched a 1973 film earlier that evening entitled 'Jeremiah Johnson, which I had watched before numerous times, and even reviewed it on this blog. I then remembered the main words from the theme song from the movie: 'The Way That You Wander'. I took off my cap and looked up at the small circle of sky between the tree tops. I seemed to see a little flash of what looked like a star appearing and disappearing. I think I was just from my eyes due to some far off light reflecting; a condition of light and shadow. Finally I faced the little altar and sang the lyric from the song:

The way that you wander is the way that you choose,
The day that you tarry is the day that you lose.
Sunshine or thunder, a man will always wonder.
Where the fair wind blows.


I then said his first name and made a final statement. It wasn't all merely about him, but a symbol of the death of the innocence of youth. As I was exiting the grove, I found that there were two more rowan berries which came off in my pocket. I tossed them back into the grove. On the short trek back to the car, I passed a rowan bush with more little red berries than I had ever seen on a rowan bush before! There were just hundreds and hundreds of them on this relatively small bush; hundreds of little hearts, somehow symbolizing the hope of future incarnations. As I drove home, I thought about how the little altar would look pretty amid the sun rising from the east and emitting sunlight into the little grove the next morning. A little altar sitting in the morning stillness, all by itself, amid the chirping of birds.





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Jeremiah Johnson

12,410 views - June 24, 2015

Brennen Leigh - Topic

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Jeremiah Johnson · Brennen Leigh

Too Thin to Plow

℗ 2004 Brennen Leigh


Monday, February 1, 2021

Full Wolf Moon 2021 - Part III

Winter Ore Mountains "sun halo" now featured on Windows 10 Spotlight



Ore Mountains

The Ore Mountains or Ore Mountain Range (German: Erzgebirge; Czech: Krušné hory; both literally "ore mountains"[2]) in Central Europe have formed a natural border between Bohemia and Saxony for around 800 years, from the 12th to the 20th centuries. Today, the border between the Czech Republic and Germany runs just north of the main crest of the mountain range. The highest peaks are the Klínovec in the Czech Republic (German: Keilberg), which rises to 1,244 metres (4,081 ft) above sea level and the Fichtelberg in Germany (1,215 metres (3,986 ft)).

The area played an important role in contributing Bronze Age ore, and as the setting of the earliest stages of the early modern transformation of mining and metallurgy from a craft to a large-scale industry, a process that preceded and enabled the later Industrial Revolution.


A "moon halo"
What's A Sun Halo? (Farmer's Almanac)


Folklore tells us Sun halos can predict the weather:

A ring around the Sun or Moon
means rain or snow is coming soon.












Imbolc already here


IMBOLC imagery involves the flow of milk and dairy. Even in Christian times, dairy plays an important part in the nearby feast of Shrovetide. As the harvest stores that had sustained the home through the winter snows began to deplete, the milk of beasts that had given birth became all the more desirable.
-- Felicitas Ritter






beginning of February


The seasons turn and Imbolc promises the return of spring, emergence after the long months of winter hibernation and inactivity. It is the beginning of the active, expansionist phase of the yearly cycle of energy. Time to celebrate new beginnings, emerging ideas and to look to the future. Now is the time to prepare yourself for the coming period of change and growth.


-- Seasons & Cycles - Moon Calendar 2021




Groundhog Day - February 2


Gladiator - Now We Are Free Super Theme Song

158,858,815 views - July 13, 2011


119K subscribers

I combined "Honor Him", "Elysium", and "Now We Are Free" into one song.

This was pretty simple to do, the only editing required was to blend them together and rearrange "Elysium" and "Honor Him" and "Now We Are Free".

Check out my channel for other super theme songs.

Click on the link to see a video of my audio edtor and the transitions between songs.​



"Women cry watching Titanic, Men cry watching Gladiator" -- TheSteph747